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‘Baki’ drops season 2 trailer on Netflix featuring Great Raitai Tournament


Baki fans are in for a treat. Netflix just released a brand new trailer for season 2. And as expected, it’s nothing short of exciting.

Fans who have been looking forward to seeing Baki Hanma again won’t have to wait too long. The titular hero will be returning on the streaming platform with all-new episodes from season 2.

And to hype up the fans, Netflix released a Baki: The Great Raitai Tournament Saga trailer. It’s only a minute and 45 seconds long but it sure has brought a lot of excitement among fans.

What to expect in season 2?

Basing on the official English title of the second season, the series is expected to bring in lots of bloody fights with strong kicks and punches.

The story is going to put a focus on the Raitai tournament arc. It’s the Centennial Tournament in China, which is as seen on the trailer, a grand fighting event held once every 100 years.

Baki is one of the competitors and as noted in the official description for the upcoming season, he is going to give his all “to fight back from the brink of death.”

Will a love triangle happen?

The new trailer also teased there’s going to be some drama and love triangle in the mix. Mohammad Alai Jr. is seen asking for Kozue Matsumoto’s hand in marriage.

There’s also a scene showing Mohammad saying that he will defeat Baki in front of her eyes. Kozue is Baki’s girlfriend in the manga series.

They have a very strong bond until Mohammad came in the second manga series. He mixed up their relationship so this could be a plot to be explored in the second season.

Other parts of the trailer also showed some quick moments of the menacing characters with their different fighting styles. One particular is Han Kaio dressed in a Kung-Fu outfit and giving Baki a swooping kick.

Before the trailer closed, it revealed that death row’s strongest convicts are out again. Fans may recall that the first season followed Baki’s journey on becoming the greatest martial arts fighter of all time.

He even trained hard to surpass his legendary father Yujiro Hanma. But while he was training, he crossed paths with five violent death row inmates who escaped prison.

They want to fight with champion Baki to taste defeat as they have already grown bored with their unmatched strength and skill.

When is season 2 going to be released?

The second season of the Japanese animated series will start streaming on Thursday, June 4 on Netflix.

Featured image courtesy of Netflix/YouTube screenshot

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