Bandai Namco announces ‘Tales of Arise’ coming September 10


Publisher Bandai Namco announced that Tales of Arise will come out this coming Sept. 10. At the same time, the publisher also announced its console versions.

Tales of Arise is the latest title in the Tales franchise, Bandai’s long-running RPG series. As they announced their upcoming release, they also revealed new gameplay and even character trailers. They also detail that the game is coming out on all platforms.

Bandai makes changes for newer Tales title

The Tales RPG series is one of the longest, most storied franchises in Japanese RPG history. The franchise started with Tales of Phantasia back in 1995 as a Japan-only exclusive. The first title that came to the West was Tales of Destiny in 1997.

So far, Arise is eschewing much of the game’s original style for a more modern approach. Basing on the trailers, Arise seems to move towards active-action battles. This gameplay is not dissimilar to other titles like Monster Hunter World.

With this gameplay, it’s trying to push its original active turn RPG into a newer iteration.
“We want Tales of Arise to represent a new milestone for the Tales of franchise,” said Arise producer Yusuke Tomizawa in a press release to Famitsu, as translated by Gematsu.

“The game has a new artistic direction, making the most out of the Unreal Engine and our newly developed ‘Atmospheric Shader’ to push the graphics and quality and make players feel like they are in a painting.

“With a story that is more mature and hits on more essential themes than previous games we hope players will be fully immersed in Alphen and Shionne’s journey. We can’t wait for you to be able to play the game later this year.”

New trailers showcase Tales protagonists

Together with the recent Tales of Arise announcement, Bandai also showcased their two protagonists. The trailers show off Alphen and Shionne as they explore Dahna.

Arise players who buy it for the Xbox One or the PS4 will have an equivalent copy for next-gen consoles. The game will also feature two graphical modes, depending on the player’s priorities. The title will have either a 60 fps mode or a 4K mode.

The Bandai title scheduled to release last year, but the pandemic prevented such efforts. The Japanese company opted to delay further to accommodate their developers. So far, the game seems to be on pace for its newly set release.

There are many functionalities coming for Tales of Arise. The game will be available on all platforms except the Switch, including PC, Playstation, and the Xbox.

Featured image courtesy of Bandai Namco Entertainment America/Youtube Screenshot

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