Bangalore tips for average players in ‘Apex Legends’

Bangalore tips for average players in Apex Legends

Bangalore is on the mid-tier list of Apex Legends characters. Her pick rate is 8th among the legends. But why is that?

Apex Legends is a team-based game with legends having their own set of skills. Some of these skills are utilitarian such as Wraith’s portal. Bangalore has a great skill set. But, it is far from the meta.

There are several factors why Bangalore currently has a 6.36% pick rate in the current season.

Having that pick rate is currently not bad. There are worse legends out there such as Octane and the nerfed Pathfinder. She is on the middle ground of good and bad.

Bangalore can stand on her own in the hands of a great player. However, things can easily go wrong when played by someone new to the character.

With that being said, here are some tips to play Bangalore effectively.

Bangalore has several utilitarian skills

Use her smoke efficiently

Players often use Bangalore to mask their location. Whenever smoke is seen on a team fight, it is safe to assume that there are players hiding inside. But, that is one common mistake that average players do.

Apex Legends is not just a shooting game. It also requires strategizing and mind games. Using Bangalore’s tactical requires quite a lot of mind-bending to master.

There are several ways to use her smoke efficiently. It can be used as a blockage for pathways. Players may also use it to mask their escape and recover. Using it as a cover when reviving someone is probably one of the most common uses.

Here smoke may also be used to confuse opponents. One can smoke to the right and run towards the left. It is all about distraction.

However, there is a downside in using the smoke. The obvious one is the lack of visibility for the whole team.

Smoking in a battle can be a double-edged sword. It may be fatal if the party is ill-equipped.

Having a digital threat is a great way to see through the smoke. But, if the enemy has it and the player team does not, then the enemy may end up wiping the whole squad.

Study her ultimate’s pattern

Bangalore and Gibraltar have similar ultimate. The main difference is the area of effect. Gibby’s ultimate immediately drops in a radius while Bangalore drops the missile in a linear pattern. The bombs follow after.

Studying the pattern may prove beneficial to one’s team. Enemies who have no idea what the pattern is will end up dying.

The pattern can be studied in the firing range. But as a quick overview. The bombs start from left to right. It bounces back after then drops the final blow on the backside of the marker.

Having an idea of what the pattern gives a huge advantage in avoiding friendly fire.

Bangalore and Caustic is a deadly combo

Team up with other ideal legends

There are two legends that synergize well with Bangalore. Caustic and Bloodhound work well with her skills.

Bloodhound can see through her smoke while under their ultimate. Their skills also reveal the enemies to the whole squad.

Caustic, on the other hand, also has a smoke-based ultimate. His NOx gas and Bangalore’s smoke is a deadly combo during a team fight. The gas traps are also barely visible inside the smoke. Opponents can easily trigger the traps and damage them.

Gibraltar is another good one. Partnering up with Gibby requires a lot of team communication. His dome can be used during their ultimate to protect the entire team.

Having Gibby on the team also allows Bangalore to be trigger happy with her ultimate. This means that the squad always has a team-fight oriented ultimate whenever needed.

The last tip is to play regularly. It takes a while to master Bangalore. Playing in the firing range is not enough. It is better to go out in public matches and practice the moves against real enemies.

Images (1) (2) (3) courtesy of Apex Legends/EA

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