Barack Obama, Michelle Obama allegedly heading for $150 million divorce

Barack Obama, Michelle Obama allegedly heading for $150 million divorce

Barack Obama and Michelle Obama are, allegedly, ending their marriage.

Exactly a year ago, Globe published a shocking story about Barack Obama and Micheel saying that they are heading for a $150 million divorce.

A source told the tabloid that the former POTUS consulted with his lawyers on what he should do with his marriage. And they, allegedly, encouraged him to file for divorce.

Barack Obama, Michelle Obama can’t stand each other’s life choices

After all, Barack couldn’t, allegedly, take his wife’s snooty Hollywood lifestyle. As for the former FLOTUS, she couldn’t, allegedly, fathom why her husband has been refusing to get a real job after his term as the president of the United States ended.

The couple, allegedly, got into a heated argument over all their issues. And Barack, allegedly, hurled his ring at Michelle. Following the alleged confrontation, Barack and Michelle spoke with their respective lawyers.

Barack Obama, Michelle Obama can't stand each other's life choices 

Rumors debunked

Back then, Gossip Cop debunked the tabloid’s claims by saying that Barack and Michelle aren’t divorcing. And it’s also unlikely for the ex-POTUS to rip his wedding ring off mid-argument with his wife.

This week, the rumor-debunking site revisited the dubious claims to stress the fact that Barack and Michelle are still together. The couple never filed for divorce and there’s no proof that they ever considered getting one.

Are the Obamas divorcing?

Globe has been publishing dubious claims about the Obamas for years. Last year, the tabloid claimed that Michelle slapped Barack Obama with divorce papers because he put her through so much.

A source told the tabloid that Barack has been setting their family’s issues aside because of his devotion to politics. The insider also claimed that Barack wasn’t there for his wife when she suffered a miscarriage.

However, none of these claims are true. Barack has been nothing but supportive of his wife. And the couple went through Michelle’s devastating miscarriage together.

Barack Obama didn’t want to marry Michelle Obama

The same tabloid claimed that Michelle wasn’t Barack’s first choice of a woman to marry. After all, the ex-POTUS, allegedly, proposed to Sheila Jager twice. However, she rejected him.

“Friends claim Michelle can’t even stand Sheila’s name. She wants her written out of the Obama story forever. Barack has barely mentioned her – but that’s because he knows the trouble it would cause at home if he did,” the source said.

However, one should take the tabloid’s claims with a grain of salt. Barack Obama and Michelle are happily married to each other. And it’s unlikely for the couple’s marriage to survive over two decades if they have major issues.

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