Barack Obama, Michelle Obama’s marriage on the rocks over ex-POTUS’ memoir: rumor

Barack Obama was allegedly boasting about the sales of his memoir, and it didn’t sit well with his wife, Michelle Obama, according to a report.

Barack Obama and Michelle Obama are happily married. In his memoir, A Promised Land, the former president revisited how the presidency affected his marriage. He also allegedly bragged how his book was selling more than Michelle’s, according to a report.

Barack Obama allegedly bragging about his memoir

Globe published a report saying Barack Obama was “bragging” and opening old wounds in his memoir, A Promised Land. His revelations allegedly led to a “final marriage crisis” with Michelle Obama.

However, Gossip Cop debunked the report pointing out that it can’t “once again” push toward a “final marriage crisis” claim. If the tabloid keeps on pushing that Barack and Michelle have another crisis, then there is no finality.

The outlet was apparently trying to argue that the former first couple was on the brink of divorce. It isn’t the first time an outlet claims Barack and Michelle are having marital problems when they aren’t. So, one should take the report with a grain of salt.

Barack belittled Michelle rumor

The outlet alleged that Barack Obama belittled his wife and was mean that his memoir outsold Michelle Obama’s.

“I’m not rubbing it in over dinner,” Barack told Jimmy Kimmel.

“He definitely was rubbing it in, at least in Michelle’s view,” an insider argued.

“Barack’s boasts are a sign of just how rocky their relationship has become,” the tipster said before adding, Michelle “wants more respect.” The outlet also quoted Michelle’s saying she “wanted to push Barack out of the window.”

Gossip Cop noted that the outlet was giving its readers the impression that Barack was belittling his wife just because he sold more books compared to her best-selling memoir. The rumor-debunking site wasn’t convinced that the sales would matter to the couple, worse, lead to their split.

Barack’s revelations about Michelle in the book

In his memoir, Barack Obama talked about his marriage with Michelle Obama. The former POTUS also admitted that the presidency affected their relationship because Michelle’s role was treated as “secondary in importance.”

Obama felt that his better-half was happier before they moved to the White House. He loves her, and his heart ached whenever he thought of the possibility that he might not be able to return to those times.

Leaving the White House was “a big sigh of relief” for Obama. He added that Michelle has been more relaxed and joyful after their departure from the presidential palace.

“And that allowed us then to not just enjoy the deep love that comes with a marriage this long, and as eventful as it’s been — but also to be friends again,” Obama said, making it known that their marriage is doing good.


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