Barbara Walters suffers from advanced dementia at 91: Rumor

Barbara Walters was, allegedly, diagnosed with advanced dementia at 91.

According to National Enquirer, Barbara Walters has also been banned from watching the news because it upsets her too much.

Since she could no longer work, Walters allegedly spends most of her time in bed. And she also has difficulty recognizing her family, friends, and caregivers.

“Barbara is just a shadow of herself. She often doesn’t remember what day it is or who her famous friends and former colleagues are,” the source said.

Barbara Walters gets upset when listening to the news

And the only time Walters becomes sane is when she hears the news. However, she suddenly becomes convinced that she should be on the show because this is where she used to work.

“When the news comes on, Barbara gets extremely agitated because she’s convinced she’s supposed to be there reporting the stories. It takes a great deal of time and effort for her caregivers to calm her down. So, they try to keep her away from the TV to avoid upsetting her,” the source said.

Barbara Walters wants a huge birthday party 

Barbara Walters wants a huge birthday party

Meanwhile, the source claimed that Walters recently had a moment of clarity and she remembered her upcoming birthday. So, she gave her caregivers instructions to organize a party for her. And she also asked them to invite some of her celebrity pals.

But when she woke up the next morning, the former TV personality couldn’t allegedly remember the instructions she gave her caregivers.

“Her confusion is likely the result of an irreversible condition called vascular dementia. This is the decrease of circulation to the brain, which can lead to arterial sclerosis that spreads to the heart and kidney and causes heart attacks and strokes,” the source said.

The TV personality doesn’t have long to live?

This isn’t the first time that Walters has been rumored to be suffering from a serious illness.

Last year, Globe claimed that the TV host was battling dementia and said that she doesn’t have long to live.

“She is mostly confined to her bed, where she naps most of the time. She has caretakers who stay with her in shifts caring for her, sometimes staying a month at a time,” the source said.

However, several months have passed and Barbara Walter is still OK. This proves that the tabloids’ claims are incorrect.

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