‘Barony’ is one of three free games on Epic this week

Barony is one of three free games on Epic this week

Barony is part of the Epic Games roster of free games this week. It might be a lesser-known title, but it still sure brings a lot of fun.

Turning Wheel released Barony back in 2015. It is a 3D rogue-like role-playing game that offers co-op gameplay.

As this game is already five-years-old, here is an overview of what this title brings.



Barony looks similar to Minecraft at first glance due to the boxy-pixelated style. But, it differs in the game mechanics.

Minecraft is a sandbox open-world title. On the other hand, Barony is a role-playing game. It is inspired by classic titles like Ultima Underworld, System Shock, and Daggerfall.

The mechanics are carried over from other rogue-like titles as well.

Barony includes permanent death and random dungeon spawns. Cryptic messages are also in the game.

Think of it as a predecessor to Minecraft Dungeon with a different flavor.

Barony looks similar to Minecraft

Different classes available

Players have a lot of classes to choose from. They start as a human adventurer. But, there are 13 classes to choose from as the game progresses.

The choices for classes are quite similar to Diablo. The following classes are—Barbarian, Rogue, Wizard, and Healer. These four are the basic ones and the easiest to use.

However, there is a more complex path available. Sexton, Wanderer, Arcanist, and Joker are available for more unique gameplay.

These classes are not restrictive. Players are able to choose their own path. All the skills can be mixed and match to fit a person’s playing style.

There is no definite way to play the game. Barony allows players to explore the game at their own pace.

It does not dictate what a player should do. Instead, it provides the basics and it is up to the players on how they want to progress into the game.


Simple controls, lots of items

The controls are fairly simple. If one has played other RPGs before then Barony is easy to get used to.

There is an “intuitive” drag and drop interface when accessing inventory. The broad character management is easy to understand as well.

In terms of items, this title can rival The Witcher 3 or other role-playing games available.

It has hundreds of items to choose from. These items are found through loot boxes or by killing enemies.

There are secret areas in-game as well. It is up to the players to locate each area and make use of whatever items are found.


Get Barony for free but do not forget the expansions

Barony is free on the Epic Games store today. In comparison, it is available on Steam for around US$4[AU$5.57]—That is on sale already.

That being said, the free offering of Epic Games is already a win. Plus all the expansions are discounted as well.

There are two expansions available at the moment. These expansions allow players to play as a different race.

Each expansion has four monster races and classes. Having the two expansions increases the classes to 21 with 9 races to choose from.

It offers a different perspective into the game. Monsters and humans do not belong together so these expansions create a different interaction between monsters and human NPCs.

The Myths and Outcasts DLC and the Legends and Pariah DLC are both available for $2.62 in the Epic Games store.

Barony is a great game despite its age. It has all the elements of a rogue-like role-playing-game without skimping on any features. Get it now while it is still free.

Images (1) (2) courtesy of Barony/Epic Games Store

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