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Batman fans want George Clooney in ‘The Flash’ as Michael Keaton plot hinted


The weekend saw a flurry of Batman and The Flash news as the DC FanDome event got underway. Fans, however, wonder if George Clooney will rejoin the franchise and reprise his role as the Caped Crusader.

George Clooney donned the Batsuit in the 1997 film Batman and Robin with Chris O’ Donnell, Alicia Silverstone, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Uma Thurman. The movie from director Joel Schumacher failed with critics and is one of the lowest-rated Batman films ever made.

However, the actor’s name trended on Twitter Saturday amid news that The Flash will bring back Michael Keaton (Batman 1989 and 1992) and Ben Affleck (Batman 2016 to 2017). Clooney’s fans also celebrated the actor’s other movies since the superhero caper wasn’t exactly his best work.

Clooney admits ‘I wasn’t good’

In a 2019 podcast for the awards season, Clooney admitted that he sucked at playing Batman. However, he walked away with a realization from doing the movie, and that pushed him to pick better projects.

“I was playing Batman and I wasn’t good in it, it wasn’t a good film,” the actor said. “I learned from that failure was that I had to relearn how I was working. Now, I wasn’t just an actor getting a role, I was being held responsible for the film itself.”

It’s likely that Clooney will turn down a shot to play Batman again in The Flash with Ezra Miller. Nevertheless, fans are eager to watch Keaton and Affleck suit up for the 2022 movie. The Flash will take points from the multiverse storyline in the Flashpoint comics, so there will be more than one Batman.

Reports have it that Keaton’s Batman will gift Barry Allen/The Flash his snazzy new costume. Director Andy Muschietti unveiled the concept art of Batman with The Flash during the DC FanDome.

“This movie, by opening that door that Flashpoint did in the comics, all of these stories and characters can start to collide,” Miller said.

Advise to Affleck: ‘Don’t do it’

Meanwhile, Clooney advised Affleck to forget about being Batman. The actor admitted that he discouraged his friend based only on his personal experience of playing the character.

Affleck didn’t listen to George Clooney but likely regretted his choice because the audience’s reception towards his Batman portrayal was lukewarm. In February 2019, Affleck confirmed he’s giving up the role, which has now gone to Robert Pattinson.

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