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‘Batman’ game reboot hints Court of Owls as main villain, details revealed


The long-rumored involvement of the Court of Owls in the new Batman game might be true. WB Montreal has teased fans with the game’s mysterious main villain.

The new Batman game is already underway and just recently, WB Games has released a short teaser about the game. Although the Warner Brothers already planned to unveil the details at the DC Fandom event, the teaser has hyped the fans with its cryptic message.

The game teaser points to the Court of Owls

For months now, The Batman: Arkham Origins studio has consistently been dropping indefinite clues about the upcoming game. Fans are most excited to uncover the main villain of the new game. True enough, the latest teaser seems to point to the Court of Owls as the main villain.

The cryptic video features straight lines overlapping a big circle. It also features numbers that look like different locations. There’s a small circle moving around which could be understood as a sort of incoming transmission. A mysterious triangle also forms in the center.

At some point, while the circle is moving around, a familiar symbol that belongs to the Court of Owls flashes on the screen. Moreover, it also showed the symbols of the different factions from Gotham City and the GCPD.

Besides, the post also contains another Twitter account, “R3dakt3d” which was, reportedly, created just last month. Curious fans have also discovered the website which might be connected to the new Batman game. Fans who have tried to access the site were asked for a code.

What is the Court of Owls about?

The Court of Owls first appeared in 2011 in 52’s Batman #2, an ongoing series of DC Comics. In it, the Court of Owls is described as a secret society composed of Gotham’s wealthy elite. Known as an organized crime group, the Court of Owls existed since the 17th century, Gotham.

The crime group used their power and influence to manipulate and control the Gotham with their highly trained assassins, the Talons. While the notorious group exists, the Wayne family is its greatest rival. Bruce Wayne’s great-great-grandfather, one of Gotham’s builders, was tortured and put death in the hands of the crime group.

The new game is rumored to be Batman: Gotham Knights

While the game is reportedly a reboot of Rocksteady’s Arkham series, it is also rumored to have the title, Batman: Gotham Knights. The game will retain several well-loved combat styles and stealth gameplay. At the same time, the game will feature fresh storylines. However, fans will have to wait on the official announcement during the DC Fandom.

Image courtesy of Batman Arkham/YouTube Screenshot

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