‘Battlefield 2042’ was meant to be like ‘Apex Legends’

Not many players will imagine it now, but as per the latest reports, Battlefield 2042 was meant to be a battle royale like Apex Legends.

Originally the Battlefield 2042 title was going to be similar to Apex Legends and its famous battle royale style. However, eventually, it couldn’t happen.

‘Battlefield 2042’ inspired by ‘CoD,’ ‘Apex Legends’

EA and DICE’s project was going to be completely different, as per the recent tweet by industry insider Tom Henderson.

The reputed scooper mentioned that Battlefield 2042 took a lot of inspiration from several famous AAA games. Two of them were Call of Duty and Apex Legends,‘ but the impact of the latter was comparatively more significant in terms of the battle royale aspect.

The leaker claimed that the Apex Legends gameplay paved the way for Battlefield 2042 when it comes to having battle royale mode.

Henderson’s claim reportedly comes from an employee at DICE itself. Well, the leaker refused to provide any further details in order to maintain his informant’s anonymity.

Looking at the upcoming entry now, then it feels like DICE ultimately decided to keep things traditional as it kept the iconic Battlefield experience while adding several fresh features like an online Hazard Zone mode.

Battlefield 2042 was slated for this month, as per the original reveal, but now it will make its way in November.

Speaking of Tom Henderson, then he has constantly come up with solid news related to the upcoming game. Months before its official EA reveal, he had already shared accurate details regarding the title’s gameplay and theme.

New gaming titles in 2021

While Battlefield 2042 is just a month away from its eventual release, there are many other fresh launches as well. This year still has a lot to offer when it comes to AAA heavyweights.

Many potential blockbusters are making their way soon. Some of them include the likes of Riders Republic, Halo Infinite, and Shadow Warrior 3.

Activision and Sledgehammer’s Call of Duty: Vanguard will also arrive in November. The newest installment under the famous first-person shooter series will focus mainly on the aspect of online multiplayer.

Moreover, the game will also introduce a new mode call Champion Hill.

Simply put, it is an online competition where players are divided into multiple teams consisting of around three players. The team which manages to survive till the end by killing the opponents wins the battle.

Coming back to Battlefield 2042, again, then it will release on November 19. Players can get it for platforms like PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.

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