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‘Battlefield 5’ to receive its final update in June


After more than a year since its release, Battlefield 5 will finally be receiving its final content update as scheduled in June this year.

The announcement came from a Tweet by the game’s official Twitter account.

It is all in the Blog

Making an expanded narration, EA DICE explained why the company had decided to end putting new contents to their game.

Rather subtly, the blog starts with a theme which points out to the ongoing pandemic that seems to affect everybody. Including, of course, the development team back in EA DICE.

In the blog, the poster continued by how the company was inspired to create new contents in the game. Also, not hesitating to point to the challenges posed by having them work at home. The unusual setup has even prompted the uncertainty of what lies ahead in the coming months.

However, the crux of the blog has been about the needed epic conclusion to the game that, as of posting, is already at Chapter 5.

Chapter 6, set to arrive in June, will bring a new chapter to Battlefield 5, including weapons and gameplay tweaks.

Farewell Perks

While further game stabilities are the name of the update, there is more to it than just that. Making the final update sweet for the loyal fans is a Weekly Rewards that grant players Battlefield Currency or Company Coins. This benefit essentially gives players the chance to unlock gears they may have not while playing the game.

Easing up the competitive nature of the game, EA DICE is also planning on bringing back the #FridayNightBattlefield servers. Fans of the game would recall this event as something of a ‘chill’ as it promotes friendliness amongst players.

For those who have a thing about reminiscing the past, the company is also rolling out the Throwback Thursdays. Essentially, a feature that will bring each player’s overall Battlefield titles.

Then, there is the Community Games Updates in the works. Once live, this will give players a more personalized multiplayer experience by giving them control in the way everyone plays per room.

No Cheaters Allowed

Battlefield 5 had a fair share of unfair players who exploit the game to their advantage. Even before closing their attention to Battlefield 5 in pursuit of future goals, the company will not allow cheaters to run rampant. A stance that EA DICE is trying to uphold and something it encourages players to play an active role against by reaching out to them.

Images used courtesy of EA, YouTube/Battlefield

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