‘Battlegrounds Mobile India’ players face various issues after the July update

Battlegrounds Mobile India was officially released on July 2 after the early access on June 17.

Since the Season 20 update or C1S1 update earlier this week, Battlegrounds Mobile India players have encountered some issues. Rewards, in-game currency (UC) purchases, etc. Korean developer Krafton is aware of these problems and is working hard to solve them. Battlegrounds Mobile India has become a very popular mobile battle royale game with more than 34 million players. The first week after launch.

On July 2, Krafton released the first major content update of Battlegrounds Mobile India earlier week.

Likewise, version 1.5.0, which brings various new features and changes to the game. However, some problems were found in the new changes. The players complained well. These issues include players getting stuck on the loading screen while wearing a unicorn set of outfits.

Battlegrounds Players issues

Another issue for Battlegrounds Mobile India players is that the admission reward for the Bring. Players are advised not to use this equipment before repairing. The Heat event is displayed as a mission card (S19) on the second day even though the 19th season is over.

The reward now displays the mission map (M1) according to the format of the new season.

Some players encountered problems when purchasing UC currency in the game from Battlegrounds Mobile India and received the error message “UC was not requested regularly after purchase.”

Those who encounter this problem receive compensation in the form of a task card (M1).

Although there is no quick solution to this issue for Battlegrounds Mobile players, even though Krafon has asked players to contact support in the game by going to the settings option, i.e., “Settings”> “General”> “Support.” It helps the player with such issues.

Developers issues

The developers have also listed more issues on their tracking page. Moreover, it includes the fluidity states,” I can’t regularly collect rewards from the daily special set.”  I am redirected to the wrong page when using the supply badge received in the extended supply box.

Battlegrounds Mobile’s recent issues were reported by Indian players after the 1.5.0 update. Crafton previously pointed out several other issues.

Moreover, including the lack of the Super Smooth option in the graphics settings. Further, the inability of players to customize the sprint button in the control settings.

And the inability to continue running events through Mini Ray TV continues. Previously, the first two issues have been fixed, but the developers are working on the remaining issues.



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