‘Battletoads Reboot’ now has more than one million players


Dlala Studio’s Battletoads Reboot now has more than a million players. Two months after its launch, it seems the nostalgia for the ‘Toads is more prominent than expected.

In a post, publisher Rare revealed some crucial stats for the game. So far, the Battletoads Reboot has more than a million players across Xbox and PC. Its inclusion on the Xbox Games Pass boosted the sales of this unlikely surprise of 2020.

Players have died 80 million times

According to Rare’s numbers, Rash is the top pick for many players, which sounds about right. Rash has the most history among the ‘Toads, including his appearances on Killer Instinct. He’s also the coolest of them all and the de-facto leader.

Players also died in the game so many times, with as many as 80 million deaths. That’s an average of around 80 deaths for each person in the reboot. Players can expect as much, considering how hard but satisfying the current Battletoads is.

The post noted that the fastest speedrun on the game is at an hour and forty minutes for the entire game.

To put it into perspective, the game needs at least six to seven hours to finish, up to 20 hours if people take their time.

“The team have loved seeing so many people enjoy the nostalgia trip and share the experience with others, and had an absolute blast watching creators share experiences with their communities too,” said the post. “And to those who’ve completed the game on ‘Battletoads’ difficulty and even picked up the full 1000 gamerscore – congrats!”

Reboot proves nostalgia can work

The Battletoads Reboot is proof that, with the right hands, nostalgia works. Players were willing to give the game a chance, which worked for the best. Rare is quick to reward such loyalty to the franchise too.

“If you’re partial to a Sea of Thieves session between Battletoads brawls, you should toadally take advantage of the Fightin’ Frogs Ship Set that’s still unlockable for free by players of both games – just complete Act I of Battletoads (using the same profile that holds your Sea of Thieves progress) and you’ll earn this mean, green livery to display proudly on the seas!” says the post.

The responsiveness of the fanbase to the game does not end with the rose-tinted glasses. The new Battletoads is responsive and easy to pick up, with the right difficulty curve. It’s a fun little game that players can enjoy with friends or even their kids.

Battletoads Reboot is available on both PC and Xbox. The game is also available on the Xbox Games Pass, so those with subscriptions can play it from the get-go.

Featured image courtesy of Xbox/Youtube Screenshot

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