Beginner tips and tricks on how to survive the hellish RPG ‘Outward’


Outward is a new fantasy RPG that focuses on survival. Players must focus on hunting for food and water so they can continue on their adventure.

Outward is an adventure/action RPG where players are tasked to search, craft, and go against various enemies. The game is set in the chaotic world of Aurai, which lets its players immerse in an open-world setup.

Players are allowed to go out on their own and fight any way they see fit. However, Outward’s most unique characteristic as a game is its emphasis on survivability.

For players to last in Aurai’s dangerous lands, they need to learn how to keep their characters hydrated, well-fed, and healthy in any way possible. They will also need to keep away from illnesses or other fatal effects that can be caught by wandering in the harsh environment.

Never be discouraged

There are plenty of games where players can get frustrated because of the difficulty of the mechanics. Outward is a lot of times harder than all of those.

Players will be killed, stomped, squelched more times compared to any other game. It will be disheartening and depressing, but players can’t progress in Outward without experiencing pain.

Players should have the patience to endure the most difficult parts of the Outward to see the real beauty of the game.

Always have ample stocks

Players can never know what they will face next in Outward. This is why it’s always best to have ample stocks in supplies. Apart from good weapons, players must also make sure that they have enough food, water, potions, medical supplies, and a tent all the time.

Sometimes players will catch a rare disease, so having tea is essential to be able to heal quickly.

Learn to run

Outward has a very appealing combat system, but for beginners, it’s best to avoid it at all costs. This may be a cowardly solution, and it might remove the excitement of locking swords with every enemy along the road.

However, with no proper equipment, enemies can easily run anyone over, and the rewards are not even worth it. When trying to go to a location in the early game, it’s best to just run straight to the destination.

Search everything

While wandering around corners of the map, make sure to stop and check everything out. Plants and bushes that may look useless can surprise players just how much materials it has.

For instance, trees can be harvested infinitely for wood, and even clumsy-looking stumps can have important stuff to help survive Outward.

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