Behaviour Interactive unveils ‘Dead by Daylight’s most prominent killers, survivors (so far)

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Using pre-existing players’ data, a trend appears which depicts some of the most popular killers and survivors in Dead by Daylight. The list is in no way definitive, but it gives an idea as to the community’s shared interests.

It has been a long five years since Dead by Daylight came into the scene. Ever since then, an entire community of gamers has been hooked to a game of cat-and-mouse. Throughout the game’s lifespan, the asymmetric title has seen many changes. Mostly, in the aspect of its rosters, in order to keep its existing and growing fan base’s interest in check.

Such a frequent update subsequently gave players options on which role they would play most, whether in survival mode or as a slayer. The last five years have indeed played its fair share on upping that experience. But there can only be the top three most sought-after characters in the ranking list.

Based on Users’ Data

With developer Behaviour Interactive overseeing the goings-on in its servers, it came up with some interesting findings. There are several classifications to go around, which involves the total numbers of fan base’s playtime, total kills, total escapes, etc. But there’s definitely the outstanding curiosity as to which characters the community would love to play as most.

Favorite Survivors

Among thrill-seekers in escaping, there appear to be lots of demand for the likes of Claudette, Meg, and Feng. But just by looking into these personas, any player will see where the interest comes from. Claudette Morel is a healer which makes her pivotal in the recovery of injured players in-game. Meg Thomas is an escape artist who has her way of eluding killers. And, Feng Min is apt in fixing generators while also having her own evasive capability.

Preferred Killers

For those who love the idea of being the “cat” in the field, players seem to prefer the following murderers—Wraith, Huntress, and Doctor. For Wraith, it seems that the interest boils down to the power of going invisible. Which, among other things, could imply the inherent advantage of not being seen and empowering the element of surprise. Huntress, on the other hand, seems also a favorite choice for her throwing axes. But for those “fear mongers,” Doctor’s ability to induce terror among players in its radius makes him also a favorable choice.

Anyone interested in joining the Dead by Daylight may do so by playing the game on its supported platforms. They include PS4, Xbox One, Stadia, PS5, Xbox Series X|S, PC, and mobile.

Image used courtesy of Dead by Daylight/YouTube Screenshot

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