Being a Crewmate in ‘Among Us’: The do’s and don’ts

Among Us, The Do's and Don'ts of being a crewmate

An irresponsible Crewmate could easily cause a team to lose in Among Us. Here are some tips for Crewmates to remember if they want to win.

In Among Us, it’s always been about Crewmates versus the Impostors. Each party has a completely different set of goals to accomplish and different ways to do it. This is a game of deception, at least on the Imposter’s side, and a game of trust.

Sometimes, it’s difficult to trust others no matter how innocent they may seem. When this is the case, it’s important to trust oneself. Only the players know their goals and how they should accomplish them. Unfortunately, for Crewmates, doing the wrong things could easily make them lose the game.

Here are a few things to remember when playing as a Crewmate in Among Us.

Never ignore a body in Among Us

There are times when Crewmates would purposefully ignore the dead body of their crew members. This happens because they are afraid of getting accused of self-reporting. But reporting dead bodies provide an opportunity for crewmates to investigate and present evidence and other helpful information to distinguish the killer.

When dead bodies are ignored, the pieces of evidence become stale and muddled. This puts crewmates into an even more precarious situation—voting off the wrong person.

Always complete your tasks

Crewmates can win by either voting off all the impostors or just by simply completing all their tasks. For this reason, it is important to prioritize tasks as much as possible. By abstaining or forgoing to do so only gives more chances for Imposters to finish the required kills.

But prioritizing doesn’t mean playing dumb. If you think that a task is too far to go at it alone, it would be better to join a crowd until you actually get to the place where the task is located. This decreases the chances of you getting killed.

When you are killed, it’s easier to complete your tasks as you can now pass through walls.

Avoid camping

Don’t stay in a single location for too long. You may think about playing Sherlock Holmes but staying at a single place, especially when you’re alone, opens up an opportunity for Imposters to kill you.

Try to solve the sabotage as much as possible

Don’t ever assume that other people will solve the sabotage for you. So many times Crewmates lose because they ignore a sabotage.

If you think that other people would solve them for you, assume that they are also thinking the same. In this way, no one would be able to fix a sabotage.

However, you should also be smart about it. If you’re in the middle of a long task and you’re too far from the site of the sabotage, that is the only time that it would be ideal for other people to do it.

Avoid useless chatter

Never use meeting sessions as a mere chatbox. As much as possible, provide only the important information: your location, what tasks you’ve been doing, who you suspect to be an Imposter, and why.

Imposters can easily slip away just because other members are too busy chatting useless information which derails fruitful discussions. This includes pretending to be an Imposter, claiming to have finished tasks that you are yet to do, and lie about witnessing others.

Vote wisely

Don’t just vote without a reason unless you have solid proof that who you’re voting for is actually an imposter. Take the information that you have and think about it clearly. Always be on the lookout for lies.

Avoid decontamination areas as much as possible

Decontamination areas can trap crewmates for a significant amount of time. This is the time that they can use to complete their tasks. Moreover, it is also easy for people to get trapped with imposters who can kill them on a whim.

Don’t trust just anyone

Randomly putting trust into people can easily make you lose the game. Always put it into your mind not to fully trust other players until you actually see them do a visual task.

Sometimes Imposters can use words and the truth to their own advantage and win the game in Among Us. For this reason, it is best to remain suspicious even when someone proves your innocence.

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