Being a ghost in ‘Among Us’: Innersloth has plans in store

Being a ghost in 'Among Us': Innersloth has plans in store

Innersloth is planning to make changes to the Among Us gameplay. This will hopefully give more responsibilities to the dead players.

Among Us devs are reportedly going to fix what many players believe as the “boring” part of the game. A player becomes a ghost after being killed by an Imposter. Because this is more of a team effort, dying doesn’t necessarily mean game over.

Instead, dead players, or the ghost, enjoy the thrill of watching the rest of the crewmate dodge a possible Imposter. Unfortunately, watching the game isn’t as thrilling for some.

The game could drag on, depending on how well the Imposter plays, or as to how fast the Crewmates finish their tasks. With ghosts no longer involved in Emergency Meetings, most of them leave mid-game.

Most especially when they are not friends with other players or when they’ve only randomly joined a group.

Ghost revamp Among Us gameplay

GameRant reports than the Among Us devs are considering additional gameplay to give “players more ways to engage with the game after they die and become Ghosts.”

The devs discussed the “boring” state of Ghosts during the Twitch Weekly Gaming Show. Accordingly, InnerSloth programmer Forest Willard says they’re looking into the idea of turning Ghosts into “some sort of guardian angels.”

In a report by Inverse, Marcus Bromander was quoted saying:

“We do want to make being ghosts more fun. If you get killed first that sucks. Your game is boring. If we can figure out something to make it more interesting for the first person killed or maybe all Ghosts[…]”

Being a ghost in 'Among Us': Innersloth has plans in store

How will could Guardian Angels work?

Furthermore, Inverse narrates that one viewer suggested to “Ghosts to open doors for living Crewmates to help them escape the clutches of an Imposter.”

However, skewing the roles of the killed players may be hard to balance. Nonetheless, the devs are said to be looking into that possibility.

“[Balancing a change like that] is the hardest part,” Willard said. “We’ve thought of a lot about [making ghosts into] Guardian Angels and stuff like that, but it’s a difficult thing to pull off but we’re definitely thinking about those sort of things.”

Neither Willard nor Bromander confirmed the “Guardian Angels” role. It was instead posed as a question by Willard.

Boosting the chances of the Crewmates to figure out who the Imposter would definitely be a balance problem. It’s hard enough that the Imposter is outnumbered by the Crewmantes.

Adding more possibility to figure who the Imposter is might decline the thrill of the game. Nonetheless, readers should stay tuned for more updates, on how Innersloth will fix the Ghost issue.


Images [1] & [2] courtesy of Innersloth


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