Bella Cruise gets close to Nicole Kidman after leaving Scientology, calling actress a ‘villain’: Rumor

Bella Cruise gets close to Nicole Kidman after leaving Scientology, calling actress a ‘villain’: Rumor

Bella Cruise may have, allegedly, left the Church of Scientology that’s why she’s rekindling her relationship with Nicole Kidman.

Days ago, Tom Cruise’s adopted daughter started liking her mom’s post on Instagram. And a source told New Idea that Bella won’t reach out to Nicole Kidman if she’s still connected with the Church of Scientology.

After all, the 27-year-old and her brother, Connor used to think that their mom was a villain.

“Bella is so highly regarded that I can’t imagine her trying to get close to Nic unless was distancing herself from Scientology. Since she was a child, her minders made it clear that Nicole was off-limits. So, for her to publicly acknowledge her mother all of a sudden suggests something big is afoot,” the source said.

Bella Cruise, Connor Cruise pitied Nicole Kidman

In April, there were claims that Bella became the poster child for Scientology after she was featured in the religion’s promo material in London. There are also claimed that she and her younger brother, Connor are following in their dad’s footsteps as a devout Scientologist.

Years ago, sources claimed that Bella and Connor stopped associating themselves with Kidman because she’s not part of their religion.

“But they were also taught to pity her because she wasn’t one of the chosen people like they are in their religion. They decided she couldn’t handle it and felt that was weak of her,” the source said.

Nicole Kidman, Bella Cruise on good terms 

Nicole Kidman, Bella Cruise on good terms

However, the source also said that Bella popping on Kidman’s Instagram account is an obvious indication that they are on good terms.

“Bella popping up on Nicole’s Instagram all of a sudden has got lots of people talking. It’s huge given everything that’s happened between them. To finally have her baby girl back in her life would be beyond Nicole’s wildest dreams. She’s missed out on so much over the years including Bella’s wedding,” the source said.

As of late, Nicole Kidman and Bella haven’t talked about the status of their relationship. But Bella’s Instagram likes on her mom’s account could very well be an indication that they are on good terms.

Is Bella Cruise still a Scientologist?

However, no one knows for sure if Kidman and Bella haven’t been on good terms in recent months. After all, they have both shied away from talking about their relationship in public.

Two years ago, Nicole Kidman just told WHO that her kids are adults so they can make their own decisions. And the actress said that Bella and Connor have both decided to be Scientologists.

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