Below coming to PS4 on April 7

Sony’s Playstation, via its official blog, confirmed that Below, the action-adventure video game from Capybara, will be arriving on PlayStation 4 on April 7.

Before this latest announcement, Below used to be just an Xbox One and PC exclusive. In two weeks’ time, however, the survival RPG will see its availability further expand to include PS4 gamers as well.

Capybara, the company that developed Below, also took the opportunity to reveal, via its official Twitter page, that the game now includes a new Explore Mode. Here’s the tweet:

What the new Explore Mode is about

When Below was released about a year ago, it was meant to give players a haunting and, sometimes, even unforgiving experience as they play the character of a Wanderer, who must brave dark and dangerous dungeons and discover whatever lies beneath.

Suffice it to say that the game was not for everybody. However, for those who were hooked by Below’s unique appeal, to put it more mildly, a good number of provided some feedback that, maybe, some help couldn’t hurt. For those not familiar with the RGP, it does not come with any tutorial or guidance.

Kris Piotrowski, the creative director of Capybara Games, said as much on PlayStation’s blog last month:

“As time passed, one thing became resoundingly clear: people loved the brooding tone and melancholic atmosphere of the Isle, and we wanted to provide a way for players to experience that world without necessarily having to overcome the brutal test of endurance required to fully experience the world of Below.”

This is where the new Explore Mode comes in. It allows users to just explore the environments offered by the game, without having to worry about the consequences, which in the original gameplay, could be very, very unpleasant.

Using the Explore Mode also grants players some allowances. For instance, hunger and thirst levels won’t be depleted. Instant fatalities have been removed and, if users sustain injuries, they will bleed but can still recover. 

If they die while on Explore Mode, they will be reverted to campfire checkpoints. What this means is that they won’t be forced to backtrack further away from their current game progress. 

By the way, for those who already have Below on their Xbox One or PC, they should expect to get a free update that will grant them access to the new Explore Mode.

Also coming to PS4 soon

Just a few days ago, Valiant had announced that it will soon be releasing a remastered version of Shadow Man on PS4. 

Also, CD Projekt Red, the folks behind Cyberpunk 2077, has vowed to try to push through with the September launch of the game on PS4 despite concerns over the threat of the global COVID-19 pandemic.

Meanwhile, there is also talk that Void Bastards will also be making its debut on PS4 within the year.

Featured image courtesy of Capybara.

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