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Ben Affleck allegedly has one concern about Jennifer Garner, Bradley Cooper’s romance?


Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner have been divorced for years, and they have moved on from each other. However, tabloids continue to create fabricated claims about the exes.

New Idea recently claimed that Jennifer Garner and Bradley Cooper could take their friendship to another level. Even though the A-listers just hung out once publicly, the tabloid is already convinced that Garner and Cooper could be more than friends.

“They’ve always been at ease with each other, but now it’s deeper and they’re adorable together. The attraction was always there, but they didn’t take that next step because they were always in relationship with other people,” the source said.

Is Ben Affleck allegedly protecting his kids?

And no Garner story would be complete without mentioning Affleck. The tabloid claimed that the Batman v Superman star only has one concern about his ex-wife’s budding relationship.

Affleck is, allegedly, concerned that his kids, Violet, Seraphina, and Samuel, will see Cooper as someone more than a friend to their mom. However, this claim is questionable at best.

The dad of three is also dating right now. And he has already introduced Ana de Armas to his kids. If Garner wants to introduce her children to her future boyfriend, regardless if it’s Cooper or not, there shouldn’t be any problem.

Jennifer Garner, Bradley Cooper dating rumors

New Idea also claimed that Affleck is watching Jennifer Garner and Cooper’s relationship closely. After all, he has always been jealous of his friends’ connection.

“He was always a bit jealous of Jen and Bradley’s connection during their Alias time together,” the source said.

But by the looks of it, Affleck doesn’t have anything to worry about. According to sources, Garner and Cooper are just friends. And they have been close for years.

Last year, Star also published a dubious story about Garner and Cooper. They said that the latter thinks that the former could be the one.

Bradley Cooper told his friends that Jennifer Garner is the one?

And Cooper is, allegedly, so serious about Garner that he’s already told his closest friends in the business about their romance.

“Bradley and Jen have finally taken their years-long friendship to another level, and no one’s that surprised. They’re dating. And the best part about it is that they’re perfect for each other. There’s a major attraction. They’re hugely excited,” the source said.

However, Jennifer Garner and Cooper aren’t dating. So there’s no reason for the latter to tell Brad Pitt and Leonardo DiCaprio that she’s the one.

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