Ben Affleck deals with jealousy over Jennifer, Bradley; moves in with Ana: Rumor

Ben Affleck deals with jealousy over Jennifer, Bradley by moving in with Ana: Rumor

Ben Affleck is, allegedly, rushing to move in with his girlfriend, Ana de Armas.

According to Star, Ben Affleck is jealous of Jennifer Garner and Bradley Cooper’s relationship. As such, he has decided to deal with it by sealing the deal with de Armas.

“He’s telling friends he’s ready for some very exciting news,” the source said.

And the news will, allegedly, have to do with his and de Armas’ living arrangements and engagement.

“Ben and Ana are more than ready to take the next step by moving in together. They’ve talked about it endlessly for months now,” the source said.

Ben Affleck jealous of Bradley Cooper, Jennifer Garner

But even though Affleck is madly in love with de Armas, he has, allegedly, always been jealous of Garner and Cooper’s connection. And he couldn’t stop himself from feeling upset after learning that the two hung out.

“He was always a little jealous of Jen and Bradley’s connection during their Alias time together. So, he’s not exactly applauding this. He plans on watching the situation carefully,” the source said.

Is Ben Affleck publicly supporting his ex-wife's new relationship?

Is Ben Affleck publicly supporting his ex-wife’s new relationship?

Affleck cannot, allegedly, express his concerns with Garner because his ex-wife has been very supportive of his relationship. As such, the Batman v Superman star has no other choice but to also support that A-listers, at least publicly.

However, one should take the claims made by the tabloid with a grain of salt. Ben Affleck doesn’t have any reason to be jealous because Garner and Cooper are just friends.

Jennifer Garner, Bradley Cooper dating rumors

Star also published a dubious story about the A-list pals by saying that Cooper and Garner are dating. And the Silver Linings Playbook has also told Brad Pitt and Leonardo DiCaprio that Garner could be the one.

As for Affleck and de Armas, rumors about the couple moving in together or tying the knot have been rife for months. However, it is important to note that they have only been dating for a few months.

Ben, Ana’s relationship is easy

It is unlikely for Affleck and de Armas to be rushing into marriage and settling down. A source told Hollywood Life that Affleck and de Armas’ relationship is working so well because they’re not pressuring each other.

“He’s really worked on himself which is why the relationship is working so well. There’s no pressure which is nice. [Ben Affleck] met [Ana] at the right time in his life. He likes that she’s fun, beautiful, and easy to get along with,” the source said.

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