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Ben Affleck got Lindsay Shookus pregnant before Ana de Armas: rumor


Ben Affleck, allegedly, got his ex-girlfriend, Lindsay Shookus pregnant while they were still dating.

National Enquirer published a photo of Shookus with what looked like a growing baby bump during an outing sans Ben Affleck.

Ben Affleck, Lindsay Shookus allegedly thrilled to have a baby together

The tabloid initially said that Shookus was just bloated. Bu their so-called insider, allegedly, confirmed that the Saturday Night Live producer was expecting her first child with Affleck.

“It wasn’t exactly planned, but they’re thrilled. Ben is starting over with Lindsay and he’s eager for them to have their own family now,” the unnamed source said, as per National Enquirer.

According to the source, Shookus always wanted to have a second child. And she couldn’t be happier that her second baby is with Affleck because she’s crazy about the actor.

The former couple, allegedly, knows that other people would think it’s too soon for them to have a baby together. But they don’t really care.

“They’re madly in love and feel ready for this. Ben knows Jennifer will hit the roof,” the source said.

The tabloid also spoke with physician Gabe Mirkin, who said that Shookus could be four to five months pregnant based on the size of her bump.

Rumors debunked

However, a few years passed and Shookus never gave birth to Affleck’s baby. In fact, the producer was never pregnant with the actor’s child.

It is unclear where the tabloid got their photo from, but it’ possible that it was Shookus’ photo during her first pregnancy.

Ben Affleck, Ana de Armas allegedly expecting a baby together

Rumors about Ben Affleck fathering his girlfriend’s baby have been rife for years. Now that he’s dating Ana de Armas, there are also claims that he got the actress pregnant.

In May, Woman’s Day claimed that Affleck got de Armas pregnant while they were quarantining at the former’s home. The tabloid also published a photo of the actress seemingly sporting a growing baby bump.

“Ana desperately wants to be a mom, so everyone predicted she’d talk to Ben into getting her pregnant, but she might have managed it sooner than we thought,” the source said.

Jennifer Garner isn’t thrilled with Ana’s pregnancy news?

However, Affleck’s ex-wife, Jennifer Garner, is, allegedly, not happy with the pregnancy news.

“She’s not convinced Ana’s in it for the right reasons, and a kid would make that even more complicated. But Ben is head over heels and won’t hear a bad word about Ana,” the source said.

One should take the claims made by the tabloid with a grain of salt. Ben Affleck didn’t get de Armas or anyone else pregnant.

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