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Ben Affleck hair color criticized by expert: ‘It looks unnatural’


Ben Affleck dyed his hair black to ditch his salt-and-pepper look. However, one hair color expert didn’t approve of the change in his appearance.

Ben Affleck is comfortable with his black and gray hair. However, in his recent sighting, the 47-year-old actor stepped out with new hair color. For some, he looked younger with darker hair but not for one expert.

Ben Affleck doesn’t look younger in his new hair color

Ben Affleck was photographed with darker hair and beard. However, colorist Michael Canalé was not impressed because it did not look natural for him. Canalé’s celebrity clients include Jennifer Aniston, Penelope Cruz, and Cameron Diaz.

“It ages him a little bit, it’s a little too dark along with the beard and it looks unnatural,” Canalé wrote in an email to Page Six Style.

“A professional colorist wouldn’t have made it so matte.”

The Justice League actor, usually sports gray sprinkled throughout his hair. However, his recent photos showed him with darker locks.

Expert recommends hair color for the actor

The hair expert did not just comment on Ben Affleck’s hair. Michael Canale also suggested what looked best for the Batman actor.

“He could have eased out 20-50 percent of the gray that would have knocked 10 years off his age,” Canalé said.

“Under certain lighting, especially in film the semi-permanent won’t alternate the natural base color. He would have been better off using a semi-permanent to avoid flashing warm tones or what they call ‘golfer’s red.'”

Ben Affleck’s love life

Ben Affleck’s new look could be inspired by his new love Ana de Armas.

Meanwhile, Woman’s Day claimed that Affleck wanted to reconcile with his ex-wife Jennifer Garner. A dubious insider claimed that Affleck was hopeful his wife would find herself giving them another shot.

The claim was false. Affleck is dating de Armas, and they are getting serious. Two weeks ago, they were seen together in Los Angeles.

Affleck took his girlfriend in his black Harley Davidson Livewire electric motorcycle in Pacific Palisades. De Armas was sitting on his back, and she wrapped her arms around his waist.

Another source also claimed that Affleck took his new love to Georgia to meet his mom, Christine. The couple made the trip with his children, and everyone got along so well.

“Ana seems to love being around his kids. Everyone has been getting along great. Ana is making an effort to get to know his kid,” the source said.

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