Ben Affleck has allegedly won Jennifer Lopez’s twins’ hearts

Ben Affleck has allegedly won Jennifer Lopez's twins' hearts

Ben Affleck has, allegedly, won over the hearts of Jennifer Lopez’s twins, Max and Emme.

Earlier this month, Ben Affleck was photographed chatting with the twins at the birthday party of their aunt.

Now, Life & Style is claiming to know all the details of what Affleck and Lopez’s twins talked about.

“Ben bonded with Emme over her sense of humor and her love of music, while he and Max connected over movies and video games. He sure knows his way into a kid’s heart,” the source said.

Ben Affleck regularly hangs out with Jennifer Lopez’s kids

Other than their highly-publicized outing, Affleck has, allegedly, been spending time with Lopez and her kids in private.

And the source said that it’s evident that the actor won the hearts of everyone on Lopez’s side.

“He’s obviously won Jennifer again, but now he’s charmed her kids, too. Emme and Max really like mom’s new boyfriend,” the source said.

Ben Affleck having a blast with Max and Emme

Since Affleck also has kids of his own, he doesn’t find it challenging dealing with the younger generation.

“He knows how to engage kids and make them feel comfortable. Emme also liked that he talked to her like he was on her level and encouraged her dreams of singing and acting,” the source said.

Ben Affleck didn’t have to do much to impress Max because he’s, allegedly, a Dark Knight fan.

But while Affleck has already met Lopez’s twins, it seems that it will take some time before the actress meets his three children.

Jennifer Garner unsure about her kids meeting Jennifer Lopez 

Jennifer Garner unsure about her kids meeting Jennifer Lopez

The source claimed that Jennifer Garner is still on the fence about introducing her children to Lopez because she’s worried that all the hype surrounding their relationship would affect them.

“Jen is happy for Ben, but she has her reservations over whether they’ll last. Ben would love his kids and J.Lo to meet, and he thinks they’d definitely get along. But he wants everyone to be comfortable with the situation first,” the source said.

Rumors debunked

However, one should take the tabloid’s claims with a grain of salt.

No one knows for sure what Ben Affleck talked to Max and Emme about when they met. And no one also knows what the twins really think of the actor.

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