Ben Affleck moving into Jennifer Lopez’s $28M Bel-Air mansion: Rumor

Ben Affleck moving into Jennifer Lopez's $28M Bel-Air mansion: Rumor

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez are, allegedly, moving in together.

According to In Touch Weekly, Ben Affleck didn’t want to waste any more time now that he and Lopez are back together.

And since he already got his best friend Matt Damon’s approval, the Batman v Superman, allegedly, felt that there’s no better time to settle down with Lopez than now.

Ben Affleck moves in his things into JLo’s home

A source for the tabloid claimed that Affleck has started moving some of his things into Lopez’s $28 million Bel-Air mansion.

“They have basically gone from hanging out to living together. Ben and Jennifer are happy together, and they don’t want to waste any more time,” the source said.

The insider claimed that Lopez and Affleck have already experienced what it’s like to live together. After all, they moved into one house in 2002.

“They moved really quickly the first time, too. But things are a lot different now. They’ve both matured. And they’ve learned how to maintain relationships in the spotlight. They blamed their breakup on all the public attention, but they’re both so much better at handling that stuff now,” the source said.

Ben Affleck, Jennifer Lopez talking about marriage 

Ben Affleck, Jennifer Lopez talking about marriage

The insider added that Lopez and Ben Affleck are aware that millions of people want them to get back together. However, they are trying to avoid the pressure.

Still, the tabloid insisted that Lopez and Affleck are seemingly in a rush to settle down. So, if they are already planning on moving in together, it’s highly likely for them to also tie the knot soon.

Lopez’s mom, Guadalupe, allegedly, adores Affleck so the former won’t have a hard time telling her mother that she wants to settle down with him. In fact, Lopez’s mom is, allegedly, the one who’s hoping that her daughter and Affleck will be together for good.

“He’d have to get her an even more amazing ring than the $2.5 million 6.1-carat Harry Winston pink diamonds she got in 2002. But their friends think the timing is finally right for them – it’s definitely one of Hollywood’s craziest love stories,” the source said.

Rumors debunked

But as exciting as the tabloid’s claims are, there’s no truth to them.

Lopez and Ben Affleck aren’t moving in together. And the A-listers don’t have any plans to tie the knot anytime soon – or ever.

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