Ben Affleck paranoid Ana will dump him if he’s not lean: Rumor

Ben Affleck seems happy and in love with Ana de Armas.

But Woman’s Day is convinced that Ben Affleck is going through a midlife crisis that’s triggered by his girlfriend.

This week, the tabloid published side by side photos of Jennifer Garner’s ex-husband. The old photo of Affleck shows all the weight he’s put on. The more recent photo of the actor shows how lean he is.

Ben Affleck allegedly obsessed with working out

The tabloid claimed that Affleck has become obsessed with working out because he doesn’t want to lose de Armas.

Since dating the Cuban actress, the tabloid claimed that Affleck turned into a whining, needy, and workout obsessed individual. The Batman v Superman actor has also, allegedly, become paranoid.

“He’s losing it. Ana has him hook, line, and sinker and he’s paranoid she’s going to dump him for a younger hunk now her career’s starting to take off. It’s triggered some kind of midlife crisis,” the source said.

Ana de Armas using Ben Affleck's fame?

Ana de Armas using Ben Affleck’s fame?

Weeks ago, there were claims that Affleck was banned from joining de Armas on the red carpet premiere of her upcoming movie.

Now, the tabloid claimed that this is one of the ways to prove that de Armas is slowly becoming a big name in the industry.

“She gets more job offers than he does – and Ben’s feeling the pressure to keep up,” the source said.

Is Ben Affleck insecure with Ana de Armas’ hunky exes?

Ben Affleck is also, allegedly, working out nonstop because he wants to look like de Armas’ hunky exes.

“He’s really buffed up, and this time it’s not for a role. But if he doesn’t cool it a bit, Ana’s going to walk. He’s becoming way too controlling and insecure for her. Ana’s hoping it’s just a phase, but the writing’s on the wall – it’s driving her crazy,” the source said.

Rumors debunked

However, one should take the claims made by the tabloid with a grain of salt. Affleck doesn’t feel threatened by de Armas’ exes. And the actor’s fitter physique may have nothing to do with his alleged insecurities.

It is possible that the dad of three simply wants to eat healthily and work out more regularly.

Rumors about Affleck and de Armas have been rife for months. Just recently, the same tabloid claimed that de Armas is at odds with Matt Damon’s wife.

The couples hung out at the beach weeks earlier. And they seemed happy. As such, it is untrue that Ben Affleck and Damon’s respective partners are feuding.

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