Ben Affleck started texting Jennifer Lopez after learning about Alex Rodriguez split: Rumor

Ben Affleck started texting Jennifer Lopez after learning about Alex Rodriguez split: Rumor

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez have, allegedly, been flirting nonstop since the latter split from Alex Rodriguez.

According to Life & Style, Ben Affleck started texting Lopez immediately after he found out that she called off her engagement to Rodriguez.

Prior to this, the Batman v Superman star also praised Lopez during an interview with InStyle.

Ben Affleck pursuing Jennifer Lopez

The tabloid’s unnamed source claimed that Jennifer Garner’s ex-husband knew that Rodriguez wouldn’t take his comments well, but he still pushed through with it.

“Ben had to know that if he gushed about Jen in the article, it would get under Alex’s skin and it did. In A-Rod’s opinion, Ben should move on, stay quiet, and back off,” the source said.

Alex Rodriguez furious with Ben Affleck

Alex Rodriguez furious with Ben Affleck

The insider also claimed that Lopez poured out her heart to Affleck, and she also told him about her problems with Rodriguez. And Affleck used this as an opportunity to pursue his ex-girlfriend again.

“Ben knows Jen and Alex are having relationship issues. A-Rod believes that talking about how great Jen is part of Ben’s plan to win back his ex after 17 years,” the source said.

Unfortunately, Rodriguez won’t, allegedly, go down without a fight. In fact, he isn’t taking Affleck and Lopez’s close relationship lightly.

“He’s determined not to give Jen any reason to think about running back to Ben,” the source said.

Jennifer Lopez, Marc Anthony support each other

Meanwhile, Ben Affleck isn’t the only ex that’s been helping Lopez get through her split from Rodriguez. However, the tabloid’s claims that there’s something going on between the exes isn’t true.

According to Entertainment Tonight, Marc Anthony has also been very supportive of Lopez. The exes were married for several years, and they also have two kids together.

“Jennifer makes it a point to have cordial relationships, especially with Marc since he is the father of her children. Jennifer and Marc have a friendship and are supportive of each other whether it comes to parenting, personal matters, or their careers. They have each other’s backs,” the source said.

As for Ben Affleck, he and Lopez are still, reportedly, friends. However, he’s not trying to get back together with the singer.

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