Ben Affleck too needy, controlling towards Ana de Armas: Rumor

Ben Affleck too needy, controlling towards Ana de Armas: Rumor

Ben Affleck and Ana de Armas’ relationship is, allegedly, on the rocks.

Less than a year after they first photographed canoodling in public, Ben Affleck and de Armas have, allegedly, been struggling to get along.

According to In Touch Weekly, things changed between the couple shortly after de Armas moved into Affleck’s Pacific Palisades home.

And since the A-listers haven’t been getting along, the Cuban star decided to spend the holidays with her family sans Affleck.

Ben Affleck controlling Ana de Armas like Jennifer Garner

A source claimed to know the issues between Affleck and de Armas by claiming that the Batman v Superman star became extremely controlling and needy towards his girlfriend.

“Ana won’t coddle him like Jennifer Garner did. Ana’s pretty independent, and she couldn’t tolerate Ben’s neediness anymore. He wants a lot of attention. They got into huge fights about it and finally, she said she needed a breather,” the source said.

The insider added that Affleck couldn’t help but wonder if de Armas just used him for fame.

“Their relationship definitely put her on everyone’s radar. It’s only natural for Ben to wonder if she used him to get ahead in this business. If it is over, no one wants to see him relapse again. He fell hard for her. But his sobriety is solid and he has a good support system, so his friends think he will be fine. He just has to take everything one day at a time,” the source said.

Ben Affleck refuses to have kids with Ana de Armas

Reports about Ben Affleck and de Armas’ split have been rife for days.

Page Six claimed earlier this week that the couple decided to call it quits because they were arguing over having children.

A source claimed that Affleck refused to commit to having more kids with his girlfriend. But de Armas, who is already 30, felt that this was a deal-breaker.

“Ben is not in a place to start a new family. Both he and Ana have three jobs lined up. His family has, and will continue, to be his focus,” the source said.

Ana de Armas doesn't want to be tied down 

Ana de Armas doesn’t want to be tied down

Another source told E! News that Affleck and de Armas split briefly in the fall. But they eventually got back together.

“After spending the holidays apart, they both agreed that moving on was for the best. The quarantine period was unique because they had downtime and really got to know each other spending time at home. Once things started opening back up and work picked up, things started to change. Ana decided she doesn’t want to live in L.A. She didn’t want to be tied down. Their lifestyles are very different and they are in different places,” the source said.

Ben Affleck and de Armas haven’t confirmed their split.

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