Ben Affleck worried he could relapse while filming in Ireland, has Ana de Armas’ support: Rumor

Ben Affleck worried he could relapse while filming in Ireland, has Ana de Armas' support: Rumor

Ben Affleck has been sober for months, but he’s, allegedly, worried that he could relapse anytime.

The actor is filming in Ireland with his best friend, Matt Damon. And they’re, reportedly, surrounded by booze. As such, Ben Affleck is worried that he could go back to his old habits and start drinking again.

Ben Affleck worried he could fall off the wagon again

According to National Enquirer, Affleck has no plans to quit the movie. So, he’s trying his best to focus on his progress. And he’s also lucky because he has his girlfriend, Ana de Armas by his side.

“Ben’s doing his best to avoid pubs and turning down invites for late-night dinners, but it’s tough because it limits his ability to socialize. To his credit, Ben’s totally committed to staying sober, but in some ways, the end of this shoot can’t come soon enough,” the source said.

Ben Affleck to be filming, but happier if he’s home

The insider also said that Affleck is happy to be on set with Damon as they film The Last Duel. But the actor also wants to be back home so he could be with de Armas, as well as his three children with ex-wife, Jennifer Garner.

“Ben Affleck just has to get on with it, not only because it’s an important movie but it’s important for his sobriety journey that he gets through this. Thankfully, Ana’s talking about heading over to keep his spirits up, and he’s really excited about the film. Ben’s confident it’ll be okay – even if he does need to be less sociable,” the source said.

Jennifer Garner's amicable relationship with her ex-husband 

Jennifer Garner’s amicable relationship with her ex-husband

Other than de Armas, Affleck is also receiving support from his ex-wife. According to OK! magazine, Affleck, and Garner may have been divorced, but they have managed to make things work for their kids.

“Jen and Ben work hard for their family, and these complicated times are no different,” the source said.

Affleck has also spoken highly of Garner. During a previous interview, the Batman v Superman star called his ex-wife a great mother and a good example to Violet, Seraphina, and Samuel.

“She’s somebody that I admire and respect and remain excellent friends with,” he said.

While it is true that Affleck and Garner have a wonderful relationship with each other, it is untrue that the actor has fears over his sobriety.

In August 2019, reports confirmed that Ben Affleck was already one year sober. But he fell off the wagon shortly after. The actor seems to be committed to sobriety now more than ever.

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