‘Bendy and the Ink Machine,’ ‘My Friend Pedro’ eyed for TV adaption

Snapshot of 'My Friend Pedro' from the trailer

John Wick franchise creator and director, Derek Kolstad, is eyeing to make a TV adaption of two video game IPs, Bendy and the Ink Machine and My Friend Pedro.

Kolstad made the claim during an interview with Comicbook where he revealed making some pitches for the prospect, despite having many ongoing projects.

Amid a Hectic Schedule

As per Kolstad, he is doing ‘A Company Man for Davil Leitch’ and ‘A Map from Nowhere for Chad Stahelski.’ Both of which are remakes of existing movies that he is passionate about.

He has also mentioned the ‘A Darker Shade of Magic’ with Sony and Victoria Schwab. A project that appears to have given him joy.

However, the meat of Kolstad’s interview has been his statement regarding his interest in making a TV series out of the aforementioned games.

The popular director appears keen in turning the prospect a reality as such, he literally has a post-it note about it.

Closer Look into the Games

Bendy and the Ink Machine features a Disney-esque visual during one of the early days of animation. Consequently, it often describes as a parody of Disney’s Micky Mouse due to similar visuals.

The game was originally released in 2017 as an episodic title and was subsequently re-released as a completed game.

The game tells the story of a retired animator, Henry Stein, who receives a mysterious invitation from his former boss. Then, subsequently, getting sucked in a twisted world of cartoons with constantly recurring toon monsters.

With a popularity that reach YouTube stardom, the game spawned multiple merchandises, including a spin-off title, a prequel, and a developing sequel.

My Friend Pedro is another title that unsurprisingly attracts Kolstad’s attention due to its action-heavy gameplay design. The game is most notable for its reliance on ‘bullet-time mode’ kind of action playstyle.

As a game that doesn’t take itself too seriously, it features a talking banana named Pedro which talks you into a killing spree. Indeed, humor is also centerpiece in the game, aside from its action-packed violent theme.

Still Not Yet Final

It is worth noting that, while surefooted about the project, Derek Kolstad is currently only at the stage of expressing interest.

Whether his new insight of a project will become a reality or not, one thing is certain. It is that Kolstad may have had his plate full right now. This is considering that a new sequel to John Wick is in the works. Not to mention that it’s pushed back at a later date for release to May 27, 2022.

Image used courtesy of YouTube/GameSpot Trailers

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