Best 4 affordable Nintendo Switch games under $20

Best 4 affordable Nintendo Switch games under $20

Nintendo Switch is a great gaming platform but it comes at the expense of high priced games. Skip the search and check out these four affordable Nintendo Switch games.

Searching for affordable Nintendo Switch games usually yields hundreds of results. However, not every game is worth checking out.

When the Nintendo Switch came out, it gained a lot of criticisms due to its high-priced games. The PlayStation 4 and Xbox One have the exact game at a lower price.

Hence, the price that Nintendo tops up is tagged as the “Switch tax” by some enthusiasts. There is even a call for more affordable Nintendo Switch games back then.

Despite the hefty price tag on some Switch games, the console still has a lot of budget options. These games are affordable yet still bring a lot of fun when playing. For US$20[AU$30.67] or less, some of these titles are more than enough for hours of playtime.

1. Celeste

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There are some games that undervalue itself in the gaming market—Celeste is one of these. It is a platform game that follows an interesting story about depression and anxiety, which is something that a lot can relate to.

The excellent narrative partnered with the classic platform-look makes it one of the best games for the Switch. This game has so much depth in it that it makes the player feel like it is a $40 game.

Celeste follows the story of Madeline as she tries to reach the top of Celeste Mountain in order to find herself. The journey is tough for her as a lot of challenges await her while trying 3to summit the mountain.

It is easy to play Celeste. The controls are easy to understand and the game mechanic is similar to other platform games. What makes it stand out is the story that unfolds while going through the difficult task.

Another great bonus for this game is it usually goes on sale for around $10 in the eShop. Last April 27, the $4.99 promo ended—the lowest it has been so far. But do not feel sorry about the missed sale, at $20 retail it is already quite the steal.

2. Hollow Knight

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2D action-adventure fans will love this game. Hollow Knight is developed by Team Cherry and tells the story of an insectoid knight.

The player must fight his way in the fictional world of Hallownest while unlocking skills and abilities. The main character starts with a sword but learns spells in the long run.

There are NPCs that will be encountered throughout the game. They provide the lore and backstory of what is happening in the Hallownest.

The story does not feel rushed and has depth in it as well.

Hollow Knight’s popularity in a lot of gaming platforms paved way for its sequel Hollow Knight: Silksong.

3. Cuphead

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This game is definitely a challenging one to play. Cuphead is a boss-rush kind of game and some of the levels work by spraying bullets to the enemies. However, that is not always the case as the enemies get tougher as the game progresses.

Cuphead’s selling point is its classic-looking visuals that look like a 1930s Disney film. This look partnered with easy controls makes it a fun game to play.

This is also a great couch co-op game as it allows a second player to take control of Cuphead’s brother, Mugman.

For sidescrolling action, Cuphead is a must-buy for under $20. Check out some deals regularly and this game goes on sale as well.

4. Rocket League

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Who would have thought that racing and football can go together? Well, Rocket League did a great job of mixing the two genres. It is currently a worldwide phenomenon and took the sports and racing category by storm.

Rocket League allows the user to choose its own racecar. However, the aim is not to be the fastest. The game’s objective is to shoot the giant ball into the enemy’s goal while playing against rocket-propelled vehicles.

This game has managed to attract a huge following and despite being several years old, the competitive scene is still active.

Another huge advantage of playing the Rocket League is the cross-play ability. Xbox One, PC, and Nintendo Switch users may play with each other.

At $20 it is one of the most affordable Nintendo Switch games available. Similar to Cuphead, there are some sales that pop up every now and then that makes this game cheaper.

Featured image courtesy of Rocket League

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