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Best 5 free Nintendo Switch games available for first time users


Purchasing AAA titles may not be a priority for new Nintendo Switch users, so here are a few free games that are worth checking out first.

Shelling out US$400[AU$623] for a brand new Nintendo Switch plus accessories is a lot of money. Add a few AAA games and the price easily doubles. The good thing is some of the best free Nintendo Switch games are at par with paid first-party titles.

The list of free Nintendo Switch games is enough to cater to a variety of audiences. Racing games, role-playing games, action-adventure are all available for free.

Subscribing to the Nintendo Switch Online opens up a catalog of free games playable on the Switch. These are classic titles from SNES and Nintendo 64.

Nonetheless, here are the best free Nintendo Switch games available. Be sure to have an SD card ready as some of these games take a lot of storage space.

1. Warframe

If there is one free-to-play game that is worth mentioning on every gaming platform, Warframe easily takes the spot. There is no contest here as this game proved that not all AAA titles should come at a high price.

Warframe is an action role-playing shooting game wherein the player controls a Tenno—an ancient race. The game’s goal is to defeat different factions across the universe.

It features a wide variety of weapons and abilities. Some are unique for each type of Tenno. There is an online multiplayer that allows friends to grind missions together.

As a free-to-play game, there are not a lot of microtransactions included. It has some, but not the point wherein it makes it a “pay-to-win” title.

This makes it one of the great free Nintendo Switch games available.

2. Arena of Valor

There are only a few MOBAs available on the Nintendo Switch. Arena of Valor is the best one among them. Luckily, it is free-to-play.

Arena of Valor takes a lot of game mechanics from League of Legends and DOTA 2. This can be said to every MOBA available. However, it has additional game modes such as 3 vs 3 with reduced map size.

The hero pool in the game is composed of 99 different characters. These characters are sorted into different classes—marksman, mage, assassin, tank, warrior, and support. Mixing and matching these classes to form a well-built team is one of the challenges in the game.

3. Dauntless

Some people call Dauntless the “bootleg Monster Hunter.” It is easy to understand why. Both games have the same mechanics of slaying monsters and gain upgrades.

The main difference is Dauntless costs nothing to install, while the latest Monster Hunter: Generations Ultimate retails for US$49.99.

The included features and a wide range of activities in Dauntless make it a must-have Switch game. Cross-play is available making it a fun activity between friends from different platforms.

Another great feature of Dauntless is the direct sync between one account on different platforms. Whenever a game is played on the PC or Xbox, the progress will be transferred to the Nintendo Switch as well.

4. Asphalt 9: Legends

Racing games are found on every gaming platform available. One title that is always present is the Asphalt series.

The Asphalt 9: Legends made its debut on the Nintendo Switch last November 2019. It became the best free racing game since then.

The gameplay is not far from other versions of the Asphalt game. It retains the nitro boost features and bonuses from tricks made. There are a lot of maps and races to choose from as the game progresses.

The only downside is the microtransactions need to unlock fancier cars. However, it is understandable that this business model will forever be present on free to play games.

It would have been better if the number of unlockable cars through playing is greater though.

5. Brawlhalla

Given that the Super Smash Bros Ultimate is an expensive title. There are free-to-play substitutes and Brawlhalla is the best among them.

Brawlhalla is a great game for couch co-op and Switch parties. It supports up to four players wherein they battle it out on a platform arena.

There are several legends that refresh each week. These legends have different types of weapons and stats.

Microtransactions are included in the game as expected. But it is not intrusive. It is usually used to unlock legends from the roster.

The good thing with Brawlhalla is there is no overpowered character. It is a well-balanced game that is a nice addition to the Switch game gallery. The limited microtransactions and excellent gameplay rank it among the best free Nintendo Switch games today.

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