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Best 5 similar games to Minecraft available that are free-to-play


Minecraft continues to be the best sandbox game available today. This open-world game has gained a massive amount of following and will have more in the coming years. But are there similar games to Minecraft worth playing?

Since Minecraft is one of the most popular video games created, knockoffs popped up on the internet. But it is far from the original game. There are similar games to Minecraft worth checking out though.

There are free alternatives available if Minecraft is out of budget. Here are some of them.

1. Creativerse

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It only takes one look into this game to confirm that it is a Minecraft clone. Creativerse was once a pay-to-play title but it went free-to-play when it arrived on Steam in 2014.

It is “inspired” by Minecraft and it shares a lot of similarities. It takes place in a world full of blocks and the player can interact with everything inside this world. Players can take flowers, fauna, woods, and many more. There is also an option to craft items that can be used inside the game.

There is a Creativerse Pro available as well. This provides the player an additional 20 inventory space, unlimited world creation, and the ability to share crafted items with other players in a different world.

2. Roblox

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This game stands out among the other Minecraft alternative. Roblox has a large number of users due to its nature of creating a player’s own 3D game. It is like having a game developer simulator inside another game.

Roblox might look like a Minecraft copycat but it is actually several years older. Both games were inspired by LEGO figures and it shows in these game’s visuals.

One advantage of playing this game is the chance to try several games created by other users. As mentioned earlier, it is a game creation tool inside a game. This gives one player an unlimited number of options to play the game.

3. Unturned

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If ever zombies enter Legoland, Unturned might be the end result. This game is of the zombie survival genre mixed with the famous Minecraft look.

Unturned is a free-to-play zombie survival game with several game modes.

The main survival game mode drops the player in the map with items depending on the skill set chosen. It is then up to the player to find resources to fight the horde of zombies. Upgrade points are given as the user survives each zombie attack. There is a co-op option available for friends who want to join the fun.

Other game modes include several multiplayer options such as roleplay, creative, paintball, and battle royale.

4. Terasology

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All the visual elements that made Minecraft famous are included in Terasology.

Blocky hands? Check. Cubed trees? Check. Blocky environment? Check. Box-looking waters? Now, that is where a player can recognize Terasology as this game shows real-life water characteristics.

Another unique aspect of the game is the ability to create an army to protect the player’s world.

This game is open-source. For those unfamiliar with this kind of software. It basically allows any player to modify an aspect of the game. This gives the game a variety of options and prevents it from getting stale.

Having an open-source game also means that the development continues as long as a player is willing to contribute. The more players help, then the game gets better as it goes on.

5. Trove

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To cap of this list comes Trove, a voxel-based sandbox game that came out for PC back in 2015.

Trove is an MMO that gives the players lots of fighting action as they try to complete the game’s to-do list. Players may team up while exploring dungeons, caverns, mines, and open lands while fighting villains.

As a Minecraft clone, this game is not much of a sandbox game. It is an MMO with the aesthetics of Minecraft and that is their similarity.

In terms of gameplay, Minecraft is more of a creation and building tool with the occasional quests. Trove, however, focuses on the quests.

If you are someone who loves to play Minecraft due to its graphics, then Trove is worth trying. The MMORPG genre is a nice break to the usual gameplay seen on other similar games to Minecraft.

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