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Best Battle Royale games aside from ‘Fortnite’


The Battle Royale gameplay is not a dying genre. In fact, a lot of online video games with this type of gameplay continue to emerge.

The Battle Royale genre has come a long way since the mid-2010s. The game genre became a popular hit after the release of PlayerUnknown’s Battle and Fortnite in 2017.

Many reports have predicted that the Battle Royale era might now be ending its dominance over the first-shooter market. For the last three years, the gaming world has seen this type of gameplay take over above all other game types.

With a lot of games to be highly anticipated this 2020, the Battle Royale genre is here to stay. It may not be as popular as it was in 2017, but it’ll stick.

The great thing about this genre is that it can be tweaked, personalized, and there are a thousand ways to keep players entertained in-game.

Although Riot Games’ Valorant is seen as a great threat to the BR genre.

Alternative to Fortnite

Lately, Epic Games’ greatest interactive online video game is receiving a lot of backlashes lately. Many players are deciding to leave the Fortnite world and venture to another Battle Royale experience.

As Micky News recently reported, SypherPK talked about how other streamers and pro players are moving on to either Valorant or Call of Duty: Warzone because of the players’ unattended concerns and a whole of unresolved issues.

With this, there are actually other Battle Royale game titles that are making quite the impression to the gaming community. These are notably the best BR games to date.

First, Respawn Entertainment’s Apex Legends. The game was actually released last February 2019, and it looks like its well-received.

It’s actually dubbed as the “Next Evolution of Battle Royale.”

Second, Battlefield V subsequently released a Battle Royale mode entitled Firestorm. The gameplay mechanics are reportedly similar to Call of Duty: Warzone.

It’s a game of teams of four or less battling it out in a Scandinavian island.

In order to play the Battle Royale mode, players will need to acquire the Battlefield V title.

The third on the list is Call of Duty: Warzone. Activision’s CoD franchise has been making headlines recently.

With its recent March release, the game has had a huge number of downloads. It has large maps and more than a hundred players for every match.

Meanwhile, CoD also has a mobile platform that also offers a Battle Royale mode, and it’s as exciting as it is on the console.

All three games are available in Playstation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

Upcoming BR game titles this 2020

Moreover, to widen the options for BR games, there are actually a few BR games that are set to release this year.

Blackrose Arts’ VALHALL is set for Steam release. It’s actually a BR game set in the Viking world.

Meanwhile, it looks like Epic Games is releasing another BR game entitled Spellbreak. Its initial release was for March 3, but that didn’t happen. Nevertheless, a closed beta will reportedly launch this spring on PlayStation 4.

Hopefully, Epic Games will soon address the current issue surrounding Fortnite, and that there’s no need for players to move on from the game. However, there’s also no harm in trying out other Battle Royal games to start afresh.

Images courtesy of  Apex Legends/YouTube Screenshot

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