Best dwellers in ‘Fallout Shelter Online’

One of the exciting features in Fallout Shelter Online is that it allows players to collect some familiar faces from the franchise. These dwellers are some of the best to have, so players should collect their posters as early as possible.

The three tiers of dweller rarity in Fallout Shelter Online are R, SR, and SSR. Obviously, SSRs are the best of all the dwellers. Not only do they have superb stats, but they also come with three useful perks. There are only a few SSR dwellers in the game, and we’ve narrowed them down to see who’s the best.

Nick Valentine

Everyone’s favorite detective, Synth, is in the game, and he’s one of the best support dwellers currently. Aside from having a decent amount of health and a strong attack, Nick Valentine is also capable of temporarily freezing enemies with his perk.

Aside from his crowd controlling abilities, Nick can also buff the HP and defense of his allies, making him perfect for enemies that have high amounts of damage.


Not surprisingly, the Father of the Institute is one of the best healers in the game. His area of effect heal can get a player’s team out of the red line when they are in trouble. Aside from his healing abilities, Father’s energy damage is also great for taking out human and super mutant enemies.


Desdemona can be easily acquired in Fallout Shelter Online. Players can get her if they top up their accounts with Nuka-Cola. Even the cheapest amount of Nuka-Cola will reward players with enough posters to unlock Desdemona.

In terms of critical damage, she has the highest of the dwellers in the game. Perhaps her best asset is her ability to deal burning damage to all enemies. If players equip her with the Vampiric equipment set, she can have enough life steal to last throughout the match.


By playing for consecutive straight days, players will be rewarded with Sarah. The good thing is that despite being free, Sarah remains to be one of the best support heroes there is.

What’s unique about her is that aside from increasing her team’s damage, she can also lower the defenses of the enemy team, making for a solid combo.

These are just some of the best SSR dwellers in Fallout Shelter Online currently. There may be more heroes added in the future, but those that want to get a head start should begin grinding for posters now.


Image used courtesy of Google PlayStore

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