Best first party games at the Switch Summer Blowout Sale

The Nintendo Switch has a library of countless amazing titles that every gamer should play at least once. With the Switch Summer Blowout Sale, players now have the opportunity to bag some of these amazing titles.

The Nintendo Switch Summer Blowout Sale is now live, and it will run until June 17. It’s a huge sale that rivals the likes of Sony’s Days of Play. While there are many titles up for grabs at a huge discount, it’s the exclusives and first-party titles that players should be keeping an eye out for. Here are some of the best games to get during the sale.

‘Astral Chain’

Made by PlatinumGames, Astral Chain is arguably one of the best Nintendo Switch exclusives that launched last year. It features a fast-paced combat system wherein players control two entities – their character and their Legion.

The game has been praised for its unique combat system and the depth of the customization when it comes to the Legion. Now that it’s on sale, players should grab this title; that’s one of the hidden gems on the Switch.

‘Super Mario Party’

This game is perfect for those who have friends over. During this pandemic, however, hanging out isn’t optimal. The good thing is that the game can be enjoyed by members of the family as well.

As the latest installment in the franchise, Super Mario Party features the largest amount of minigames of all Mario Party games. Aside from a cast of familiar characters, there are also new ways to enjoy the game. It’s a must-buy for those browsing through the Nintendo Switch Summer Blowout Sale.

‘New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe’

The New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe is the ultimate current generation collection of the classic Super Mario Games. It’s a bundle of New Super Mario Bros U. and Super Luigi U. Aside from the base games, the title also features some new content, including the ability to play as new characters Nabbit and Toadette.

‘Mario Tennis Aces’

Sports games from the Super Mario franchise are a hit or miss, but Mario Tennis Aces is definitely a hit. The game features a huge cast of playable characters that players should be familiar with. Aside from regular tennis matches, there are many ways to enjoy the game, including boss battles and an assortment of minigames.

These are the best first-party and exclusive games that are on a discount at the Nintendo Switch Summer Blowout Sale. Players should grab these titles while there’s still a chance.


Image used courtesy of InspiredImages/Pixabay

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