Best games on sale for the PS4, Xbox One, and Switch

The top brass in gaming knows that now is the perfect time to play some games. Even if the spring sale has just ended, Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo are still handing out games at a reasonable price.

Gamers should be more than excited as some amazing titles are now with large discounts. Here are some of the games that players shouldn’t miss out on.

Nintendo Switch

For players looking for their next RPG fix, it might be wise to buy Bandai Namco’s Tales of Vesperia. Although this game is several years old already, the re-released version comes with updated graphics, new content, and additional new features. The game itself lasts for over 80 hours, and players can have it for as low as (US$20)AU$31.

Another great game on sale on the Switch is Dragon Ball FighterZ. This is perhaps the definitive Dragon Ball experience. It’s a 2D fighting game featuring a unique art style that makes it feel like players are watching an episode of the hit anime. With an amazing combat system and a growing roster, it’s a must-have at $15.

PlayStation 4

What better way to spend your time indoors than by playing last year’s official game of the year, Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. Like any SoulsBorne title before it, Sekiro’s main gameplay feature is that it’s tough, and death plays a crucial role in a player’s success. It’s now on sale at $39, making it quite a bargain.

Another great title worth buying know is Insomniac’s Spider-Man Game of the Year Edition. Aside from the base game, this version of Spider-Man also comes with The City That Never Sleeps DLC, which comes with three additional stories for players to complete. This game is considered one of the best superhero titles out there, and players can have it for $20.

Xbox One

For sports fans, it’s worth noting that NBA 2K20 is now on sale at $19.79. This is a great deal considering sports titles only get a markdown in their price once the latest version is out. In this case, this is the latest version of the game to date. Aside from upgraded graphics from previous versions, NBA 2K20 also comes with some unique ways to play.

Lastly, fans of the Borderlands series have a lot to be excited about. Borderlands 3 can be bought for $30, while the Borderlands: Handsome Collection is on sale for $15. For $45, players can experience the entire Borderlands franchise.

There are many other games up for grabs during this generous sale, so players should act fast while they still have the chance.


Image used courtesy of TheXomil/Pixabay

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