Best gaming TV available in 2020: less input lag and high image quality

It’s hard for a gamer to follow a delicate cycle associated with playing games: the momentum between your fragile fingers and brain, the game controller, and the gaming TV response.

Even most of the HD TV end up in issues if you associate it with gaming consoles. The primary reason for all these issues is your latency between games and gaming servers on the internet, literally out of your control, or the lag in gaming TV itself.

The whole combination of these peripherals makes your gaming immediate and thrilling. If you lack even one of them, your immediacy for the game ceases, or the thrill goes in vain; it might even kill your character.

It takes mere milliseconds to travel from your gaming console to the gaming TV associated with the console while playing the games.

Sometimes, this millisecond is way too less, which makes the game buttery and smooth. On the other hand, there might be a significant difference in the milliseconds, which might be virtually visible either by you or by your in-game character.

This massive difference in a millisecond is called input lag. Generally, most TVs have a picture mode that makes the game more smooth and comfortable, often called a game mode.

Some of the TVs have been listed not only based on input lag but also by keeping many other factors into consideration like gaming experience, screen size, viewing angle, picture quality, contrast ratio, motion blur, brightness, and more.

Those gaming TVs are listed below in order of reviews.

TCL 65R625

Based on the public review, this TV has been designated as the best gaming TV for 2020. With its QLED technology and affordable price, it just becomes the best.

The Dolby Vision and least input lag make it the best smart TV compatible with various gaming consoles.

LG OLED65C9P Smart Ultra HD HDR TV

The 65 inch OLED display is just the best gaming TV after the above mentioned. For its full-color gamut feature and 4 HDMI ports, which makes it compatible with the operation of PS5 or Xbox Series X, outshines this gaming TV altogether.


It is less in terms of graphic quality than those mentioned previously and more in input lag. The only advantage over the other gaming TV of this franchise is its lower price.

Samsung QN65Q70R

This OLED TV even costs less than many other OLED TVs in the market. This TV proves fruitful because of its Auto Game Mode and variable refresh rate.


Image courtesy of Tero Vesalainen/Shutterstock

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