Best gangster movies of all times


Gangster movies are a genre that has shaped individual perceptions for over a century.

The fascination with the genre leads to the creation of successful careers for men and women worldwide, and some of these persons are iconic figures in the film industry and popular household names.

The movies have a single focus, shady, dangerous characters facing off the good in the world. But the entertainment and excitement involved rivals, winning, and arousal that can be compared to benefiting in gambling or getting True Blue casino codes AU.

List of the Top-Rated Gangster Movies

Gangster movies vary in terms of organization and focus groups as the developers follow the growing entertainment trends and focus on the current issues, including drugs, mafia, or prohibition. Most of the famous gangster movies have become world classics. The characters in the films are not only sensational, grounded and dynamic, but are also timeless.

Here are the best gangster movies of all time:

  • The Godfather
  • Once upon a time in America (1984)
  • Boyz N The Hood (1991)
  • Goodfellas (1990)
  • City of God (2002)
  • Scarface

The Godfather

Nothing gives the gangster movies prestige, such as the two renditions of The Godfather (The Godfather I in 1972 and II in 1974). Francis Ford Coppola, the creator of these timeless classics, creates the perfect family in a perfect world with only one vice, ‘crime.’ The family brings out the best in terms of care, love, and familial bonds deriving sympathy and care from the audience. At the same time, the cruelty the family portrays gives the movie a definite gangster movie structure and quality person anyone would rank the highest.

Every aspect of the movie and the struggles of running a family business, the need to prove oneself, power, and greed are present in these two movies. The elements and characteristics of every player in the movie are easy to trace and lead back to the Godfather. Therefore, the legacies are inherited, but they have become finer and forged into their lives over time. The writing, acting, and directing of this story get gold standards!

Once Upon a Time in America (1984)

The gangster movie’s legendary reputation results from the production timeline. The movie time feature, which was initially 6 hours split into two, first release, second, and the final release that catapulted the movie into a classic, also play a role in its popularity. Sergio Leone had to agree to several cuts resulting in a 229 minutes movie and, later, a 139-minute version of the same in the US. However, what the cuts didn’t consider was how mangled up the story would be after production. The final production was confusing for Sergio’s fans. Later, the movie got censorship for explicit content.

However, in 2012, the movie made its original debut and aired the 255-minute movie version. The outcomes were far better, and the storyline is encompassing loyalty and friendship, drugs and dreams. You can expect some powerful content depending on your movie. But, it is one of the most terrific gangster movies of all time.

Boyz N The Hood (1991)

The popular classic by John Singleton brings the crime neighborhoods, the goings-on, the affected, and the wannabes into one single movie. It is a clear depiction of how the street was back then, how it will be in the future, and how it is today! The tale indicates that no matter who you are, where you are, trouble can find or set you aside whether you like it or not. The circumstances do not matter. What matters is the lifestyle you decide to take up, whether you chose it or not!

The knowledge that seems to instill is that personal growth is dependent on public institutions. Some of these people use to keep crime to the minimum and make good on the behaviours of gangster can result in the worst of outcomes. It is apparent that singleton did exploit and explore life on the street and produced one of the best movers of all times.

Goodfellas (1990)

The gangster brings up the old discussion and argument many gangster movie lovers tend to have. It states, “is it worse to become a criminal or is it worse getting caught while at it?” the movie storyline portrays an overachieving mobster who later becomes an informant due to his stolen glory. After writing the Godfather, the Goodfellas arose, giving a historical caption of the previous and the socio-economic perspective the gangster lifestyle brings forth.

However, the movie does not let the thrill of living without boundaries ‘outside the law’ fizzle out. The details in his crime days are still intact, the wild pleasure and affluence are available, and the best and worst of the lifestyle still plague him. So the question remains, is becoming a criminal worse, or is it getting caught in the act?

City of God (2002)

The City Of God is a unique and special gangster movie. It is the only narrative in a long list of gangster movies ever produced and the best in the world. The movie lovers experience the plot and characters in real life when watching a regular movie, similar to playing games. You do it yourself using your garnered skills, but have you ever experienced any of the thrills via a third party (narrator)?
Narration provides documentation of events that happened in the past. The City Of God takes narration to the next level by incorporating quality photography while retaining the qualities of a good thriller. It provides all under lords in a favela (the Cidade de Deus favela) in Brazil. You don’t have to work with only one criminal, one cop, or become the bystander in this movie.

Scarface (1983)

Legendary for its impacts on the growing pop culture worldwide, the gangster film was a unique representation of the lifestyle. The movie character was violent and deprived and highly unforgiving, being a single or lone actor or gangster. It goes to show that power, passion, and wealth can be intoxicating, addictive, and at the very end, highly destructive.

In the story, Tony Camone rises from nothing after arriving aboard a ship to live everyone’s American dream. He has no preconceived ideas, but his hot temper and new contribution to the streets make him a crime boss shortly after arrival. Since regulations were minimal during its release, you can expect a fully embraced version of violence which would revolt many today. However, it would still rank amongst the best gangster movies of all time.


The production of gangster movies began early in the 20th century. We are now in the 21st century, and the thrill of watching a crime-based gangster movie has not in any way diminished. The passion for gangsters may never end as the world faces a new threat and new crimes come up daily. Therefore, today’s writers for gangster movies have to learn and derive inspiration from the best gangster moviemakers of all time. Their films still rank first on the list and provide a firsthand experience in the movie arena.

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