Best Hacks in ‘Hyper Scape’ so far

One of the unique features in Hyper Scape is the special abilities that players pick up called Hacks. There are many of these Hacks in Neo Arcadia, and winning a game means picking the best ones.

Players shouldn’t underestimate the importance of Hacks in Hyper ScapePlayers can equip two of these in a match, and they are scattered throughout the map. While each Hack serves a purpose, and unique on its own, there are a few ones that are clear standouts in the game.


There’s no such thing as a health pack in the game. If players want to increase their survivability, they should find the Heal Hack as soon as possible. Heal is an area-of-effect skill that regenerates the health of the user and his allies. It’s a great ability to have during stand-offs against other players.

At least one or two team members should have heal equipped as one might not be enough to recover the damage that players take during intense fights.


The Mine is one of the few damaging Hacks in the game. It’s great for controlling aggressive enemies. It’s also the perfect Hack for teams who prefer staying in one location while the match draws to close. Mine isn’t suited for those who are always moving as the Mine will remain in place.


Wall is one of the best tools to have in Hyper Scape as it can be used offensively and defensively. When deployed, players can summon a high wall that can block enemies, preventing them from escaping. It can also be used to create a distance between the players and enemies during tough situations.


Like Wall, Teleport is a Hack that can be used for various situations. Although the distance of the skill is relatively short, it’s more than enough to distance or create a shorter distance between players and enemy teams.

Moreover, Neo Arcadia is filled with high spots, and tough to reach areas. One of the best ways to get the upper ground in the game is by using this Hack.

Hyper Scape is Ubisoft’s foray into the overly saturated genre of battle royales. Surprisingly, the game is a hit with fans mostly because of the new things it offers. If players want to succeed in this game, then it’s time they look carefully into the Hacks they pick up.

Image used courtesy of Ubisoft/Nintendo / Youtube Screenshot

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