Best heroes to use for Dr. Junkenstein’s Revenge in ‘Overwatch’

One of the new additions in the Overwatch Halloween Terror event is Dr. Junkenstein’s Revenge. The mode now has a few challenge variations, which are far more difficult than what players have been used to all these years.

The variations in Dr. Junkenstein’s Revenge are forcing players to go all out. Luckily, there are a few Overwatch heroes who are best suited for the job. Whether it’s the challenge mode or the regular Dr. Junkenstein’s Revenge, here are the heroes that players should definitely pick.


Ashe is one of the new additions to the mode. Along with Baptiste, players can now play as this socialite dubbed The Outlaw in Dr. Junkenstein’s Revenge. Ashe is one of the best characters to use in the game. Bob is a really useful ultimate ability to take out the bosses that appear.

Her Coach Gun is also a useful tool as it can knock back incoming Rip Tires. It’s also easy to get her ultimate charged up with her Dynamite. To cap it all off, her range makes it easy to take out those pesky ranged Zomnics.


As a hero with a long-range, McCree is one of the best characters during this Overwatch Halloween brawl. Like Ashe, he can easily take out the Zomnics that throw projectiles. Moreover, he can easily take out Dr. Junkenstein when he finally appears.

His most useful asset in the mode is Deadeye. When used, he can easily take out every enemy on the map, including the bosses. It’s a good last resort when the enemies have become too overwhelming.


There are a lot of great support heroes in the mode. However, it’s Zenyatta that’s the best. Not only is he a good damage dealer as compared to other supports, but it also helps that he can heal allies from afar.

Aside from his ultimate ability, which heals everyone in range, his Orb of Discord is also useful. This can help the rest of the team take out the bosses as those who have the orb take extra damage. It also helps that Zenyatta can regenerate his lost HP.

Dr. Junkenstein’s Revenge in Overwatch has a total of six challenge modes. Each of these will reward players with a free Halloween loot box upon completion. Players should definitely try to beat the game modes as not only are they fun, they are very rewarding as well.

Image used courtesy of Overwatch/YouTube

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