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Best horror games of all time: What makes them scary?


Best horror games come with a lot of useful features. What makes them scary are the twists and turns and the gore factor which is bought.

Horror games and their journeys have always been fascinating. Starting from the classic horrors to jumpscares, we all have grown up.

So, what makes a game scary? Is it the faces that haunt us and the stale silence, which engulfs these games? Or is it something else? Let’s find out!

Halloween is around the corner

It is that time of the year, the spooky time! With Halloween around the nook, it’s time to appear back at a few horror masterpieces.

Narrowing it down to only 15 is no clean assignment, so please, hit us up on social media and tell us what games give you the frightens!

Going back to the journey, the Director of SOMA said, “A horror game is like your brainchild. You put a lot of effort into it, but at the end of the day, the scary factor counts.”

“I have done a lot of research with SOMA, and with the first test run, I understood that it depends more on the jumpscares.”

“This is why classic games such as Amnesia is still a hit in today’s day. Do you know what made Outlast such a thrilling experience? Well, you are frequently on the go, and someone is following you 24×7.”

“You are drawn to the mysterious sounds, and you are trying to investigate what is happening. According to my definition, that is what makes the best horror game.”

Gameplays and various other spooks

Eternal Darkness, as such, is one classic piece that cannot be retouched. The directors have said that the game will forever be a fan favorite because of the spooks it has got.

Before their ancient downfall, developer silicon knights were emerging skills. Everlasting darkness stands as their magnum opus.

Taking location over centuries and having a dozen playable characters is a drop within the ocean. There are a couple of tale paths and a sturdy fight system with tricky puzzles.

It’s miles annoying and attractive with a few effective scares.

A good horror game depends on the player’s anticipation and how he/she is using their mind to control the course of action.

The traditional way is to give them a list of choices that can be executed. It can help them to understand how the work goes and how good they can play.

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