Best items to craft in ‘The Last of Us 2’

It’s been a long time coming, but The Last of Us 2 is officially here, and it’s time for players to continue Ellie and Joel’s story. Player’s of the first game know how important crafting is in the game, but newbies will have to learn an extra thing or two first.

Ellie will have to craft items on her journey, and these will help her survive better in The Last of Us 2Based on the trailer, all of the items from the first game will return in the sequel along with some new ones. Here are the items that players should prioritize crafting.


Medkits are going to keep Ellie alive in the game. While there are food items that Ellie can pick up to replenish her health, it’s always better to have a medkit in hand for those emergency situations.

Nail Bombs

When it comes to dealing with massive damage in one blow, it’s the Nail Bomb that Ellie should rely on. When thrown, the Nail Bomb doesn’t immediately explode. It acts like a proximity bomb that only detonates once enemies are nearby. It’s a great trap to set up for unsuspecting enemies.


Molotovs are great at taking out groups of enemies. The best way to utilize this item is by throwing a brick or a bottle to a certain area. Once the enemies have grouped up to check that area out, players will simply need to throw a Molotov to take out a group in one fell swoop.

Molotovs are crafted with the same ingredients as medkits in The Last of Us 2. When players are faced with a huge group of enemies, Molotovs are always the best way to clear them out.


Shivs are very useful in the first game as they can be used to easily kill enemies and Clickers from behind. These are crafted using sharp objects and tape, which are rare to come by, so players should always focus on crafting shivs. Aside from killing enemies quickly, shivs can also be used to open locked doors that have many items inside.

Partner an inventory full of shivs with the Shiv Master skill, and Ellie will have better chances of surviving her journey. We’re not yet entirely sure if shivs will make a comeback, but if they do, players will be relying on this a lot.

There will be new items to craft in The Last of Us 2, but we are sure that these items are still top-tier for Ellie and her survival skills.


Image used courtesy of PlayStation/YouTube

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