Best ‘Overwatch’ Workshop codes to pass the time with

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Since introducing the Workshop in Overwatch, players have created unique ways to enjoy the game. Players are sharing some fun and unique Overwatch Workshop codes with the community, which results and hours and hours of fun.

If players want to unwind or warmup in the game, they are most likely going to look for some Overwatch Workshop codes to try out new game modes in. We’ve got a list of the most popular Workshop codes currently that players should try out as early as possible.

Genji Dodgeball – QQAYZ

Genji Dodgeball is a fun game that pits up to 12 players in an intense game of dodgeball. The game starts with a ball of light at the center. It will then choose a random target to head to next. Players can deflect the ball either through Genji’s Deflect or Dash ability.

If successful, the ball will bounce to another player. If the player doesn’t get the timing right, they’ll be hit with the ball and then eliminated. The ball becomes faster the more it is passed around. It’s a game of timing and skill management that could lead to some funny moments.


Gamers familiar with the Wario Ware series should be familiar with this Overwatch Workshop code. It pits several players through consecutive rounds of minigames. Players need to rack up points by winning the unique minigames each round. There are a total of 48 minigames in this version of OWWare, and it’s more fun to play it with a group of friends.

Prop Hunt – JF0FJ

The popular Call of Duty makes its way into Overwatch. Since Workshop creators are given limited resources, they had to get creative with how Prop Hunt works. Instead of objects, those who are hiding will be turned into different colored orbs. They can change their colors whenever they want. There are other orbs scattered throughout the map, so finding those who are “it” won’t be easy.

Uno – SM33P

Players don’t have to log out and buy a deck of Uno cards if they have Overwatch. This code gives players access to an Overwatch version of the Uno card game. The code comes with the regular Uno ruleset, but players can add up their own rules to the mix.

These Overwatch Workshop codes have already wasted the hours of players in the game. There are many other amazing Workshop codes out there, but these four have been the best we’ve seen so far.


Images used courtesy of Overwatch

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