Best practices to capture your the attention of your audience


There is a lot of content to consume on the internet and our attention span is shorter than ever. That’s the reason why most people are unsatisfied with what they find on the internet.

They simply scan a page or fast-forward a video to see if they can catch something useful. This has made the job of marketers very difficult. However, content marketing has evolved a lot over the last few centuries. You just have to adapt to these habits of internet users.

Design Audience Personas

Before you create content, you should know who you are creating it for. There won’t be a connection between the audience and your content if you don’t know them.

It’s crucial to learn as much about them as possible because you would not tell the same thing to a kid and an adult even when talking about the same subject. You must understand your prospects, their age, gender, and interests. That’s why you should create audience personas by doing thorough research and then start creating content.

Create Video Content

Text has become boring for most people. When someone really wants information, they prefer to watch a video because it’s more engaging and provides more information in a very little time span.

A video can use text, graphics, and audio at the same time to make even the most complex concept easy to understand. You will need the services of video SEO Australia when using this type of content to promote your business.

Follow the Trends

You see many new trends every day. Most trends are viral things that actually make no sense. However, you have to use them even if you don’t understand them.
People keep following trends for a short amount of time. By creating that connects to a trend, you get all its followers to see your content. It makes it easy for you to catch their attention.

Do Unexpected to Get Viral

Follow the trends and try to become a trend. Anything can go viral these days. You might not know but many viral trends are not natural. Some very skilled people make things go viral to leverage their business.
You should also try to build a sense of humor and do things according to plan that could get you viral. This usually involves doing something very unexpected and risky.

Understand Their Stage in Buyer’s Journey

There are three stages of a buyer’s journey.

  • At first, they don’t even know they have a problem.
  • At second, they have realized the problem but don’t know the solution.
  • At third, they understand the solution and now looking for the best option.

You can’t create one content that tailors to all. You have to create unique content and connects to your audience. They should feel like you understand them and know what you are talking about. Offer them value and useful information to impress them. After that, leave it to them to make the final decision instead of forcing it.

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