Best ‘Resident Evil’ mods for players on PC

Resident Evil mods are great, and these amazing new mods will help players access the game in different forms.

Resident Evil mods are always the talk of the town. Since Village was dropped and has been out for just a few weeks, it has already accumulated many mods that can improve gameplay, customize in-game items, or add a note of silliness to the grim horror game.

For the sake of good taste, these are some of the customized versions that players can take a look at. In this list, we are stating all the fun to the lewd mods, because of course, those were created. At the moment, all of the mods on the list can be downloaded with the help of the Nexus mod.

But many other modders are releasing their different versions of their mods via Patreon.

Settings mods

There are some mods present that can help you to improve the gameplay and settings. If you are not a fan of the game’s inbuilt tools, then you can take a hands-on experience to improve your gameplay.

Fluffy Manager

Downloading the mods can be a really tricky job and especially if you are new to modding and don’t have a particular knowledge of what to do. Especially, there is a series of steps which you have to follow, starting from unpacking the files to copying them wherever you need.

Mod managers can help you have better access to the mods given and simplify the whole process. FluffyQuick, the mensch, has managed to make one for the game within a concise span of time, called the Fluffy Manager.

It is a straightforward mod to use and lets you turn mods off at your own convenience.

Especially if you are a beginner and starting for the very first time, this mod is a funny thing to use, after all. Even a few built-in mods you can download from the manager, such as this one, can allow you to remove the skip prompt that appears on the screen every time you pause the game.

Lazy FoV and Vignette Fix

On the other hand, there is a field of view, and the vignette is the only issue that most of the players face in this game. If you want more granular control over the field of view and what it will look like, then this is the mod that you can use.

You don’t have to go through the Fluffy manager to download this, as it comes with an interface of its own, and you can use it with the title of the game. The mod works similarly to what is mentioned on Fluffy’s above, but you have to use two different tools in the kit.

In one, you can update the game with the help of the FoV and vignette in real-time, while in the other, you can do it without running down the game.

Image courtesy of Gronkh/YouTube

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