Best streaming shows on Netflix right now which requires a binge-watch

This year, Netflix, which is a vast streaming platform, release exciting movies and TV shows during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Netflix has a massive collection of movies and TV shows; some of them are original to Netflix. During the lockdown, sit, relax, and watch the excellent content which Netflix is offering.

Currently, Netflix has three plans:

Netflix Basic Plan

In which they offer you to watch content on one screen at a time. Netflix offers this plan at the price of 8.99$ per month.

Standard Plan

This plan offers you to watch the content on up to two screens and adds some HD content. Netflix offers this plan at the price of 13.99$ per month.

Premium Plan

($17.99) In this plan, Netflix offers you to watch the four screens’ content and add Ultra HD content. The streaming platform offers this plan at the price of 17.99$ per month.

The following is the list of best shows which is available on Netflix; head towards watching it.

“To the lake”

Netflix is acquired by a 2019 Russian web TV series this year, To the Lake. To The Lake is based on the Russian novel Vongozero which is written by Yana Vagner.

The story revolves around a group of survivors who try to evade a pandemic. The main character is Sergey, who is trying to take his family to a desert island known as Vongozero.

Sergey is joined by a few more characters: his new girlfriend, her son, his father, his neighbor’s family, his ex-wife, and his young son.


#Alive is a South Korean film of 2020 which revolves around Joon-woo, he is a video game live-streamer.

The story is based on his struggles to survive during a zombie apocalypse. In the movie, Joon-woo locked himself in his parent’s apartment in Seoul.

In this movie, the Director tries to depict some of the feelings which many of us had due to the COVID-19 pandemic: fear, uncertainty, isolation, and loneliness.

But in this movie, these feelings arise due to the zombie apocalypse.

“Tiger King”

Tiger King is one of the most enjoyable shows, which is streamed on Netflix during 2020. It’s a documentary which has seven episodes.

This documentary focuses on Joe Exotic, who is a private zoo owner with over 200 big cats. The documentary highlights the various points of Joe Exotic’s life, such as his failures to run a public office and his feud with big-cat rights activist Carole Baskin.

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