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Best tanks in the new ‘Overwatch’ meta


The recent update to Overwatch changed the way players strategize in the shooter. Instead of the usual dive meta, players are now more careful that shield tanks are less intimidating.

After trying hard for so long, Blizzard has succeeded in changing the meta for Overwatch. Players have dubbed it as the anti-barrier meta seeing as how it’s tougher to sustain tanks with primary shields now.

Players that focus on tank roles are having a tough time, but while barriers are sketchy, there are some tanks that have risen.

Wrecking Ball

The new meta is about self-sustainability. That being said, one of the tanks that can easily go in and out of battle is Wrecking Ball. As one of the tanks in the game, Wrecking Ball is the most capable of crowd controlling. Moreover, his adaptive shield makes it possible for him to last long inside the objective even if he is outnumbered.

With shield tanks now less intimidating, teams will need a tank that can take the attention of enemies for a long time. Wrecking Ball is the most capable of that in the new meta.


Since the update, players have begun picking Roadhog again. It is not just because barriers are less effective, it is also because Roadhog got a significant buff. While his ammo has been reduced to five instead of six, Blizzard has lessened the spread of his shots. This makes him more capable of dealing huge damage up close.

He is now one of the top tanks in Overwatch. His damage makes him highly capable of being a damaged hero as well. Moreover, he can easily pick off enemy heroes with his hook, thus making him a capable assassin.


Zarya’s ability to protect herself and one ally with her barriers is still effective. She wasn’t one of the tanks that got nerfed in the recent update. To make matters even better, she can still deal massive amounts of damage when she’s at full charge. The nerfs to the shield tanks also mean she can now easily destroy barriers when fully charged.

These tanks in Overwatch are in the new meta. If players want to get a better win rate, they should prioritize sustainability over barriers. These tanks are going to be the best for now up until Blizzard decides to buff shield tanks in the game once again.

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