Best ultimates currently in ‘Overwatch’

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The meta in Overwatch has changed a lot since its release in 2016, but one thing that remains certain is that ultimate abilities are still capable of turning the tide of battle in one fell swoop. With the game’s 32 heroes, are there some ultimate abilities that stand out?

For the most part, ultimate abilities in Overwatch are used to help bring the battle in favor of the user’s team. While each ultimate ability in the game is special, there are some abilities that are clear standouts currently.


Echo has been a pain to a lot of players since her launch in April. Her Duplicate ultimate ability allows her to become a replica of one of the enemy team’s heroes. As a duplicate, Echo can regenerate ultimate abilities much quicker. This means multiple Death Blossoms, Rip Tires, Shatterstrikes, and more. In the right hand, Echo can decimate an entire team.

Rip Tire

If we’re talking about pure burst damage, then it’s Junkrat’s ultimate ability that can destroy enemy teams instantly. As it was since launch, the effectivity of Rip Tire completely depends on the user. The one downside to Rip Tire is that if players aren’t careful enough, it can be destroyed and put to waste instantly.


When it comes to contesting points and adding an extra hand to the team, Ashe’s B.O.B. is a great and versatile ultimate ability. The best part about B.O.B. is that he deals massive damage and he locks on to targets automatically. Furthermore, B.O.B. can be Nano Boosted to wreak havoc even more.

Graviton Surge

Zarya’s Graviton Surge remains to be one of the best ultimate abilities for team synergy. It can partner up with the most ultimate abilities like Death Blossom, Dragonblade, Rip Tire, and more. Most importantly, Graviton Surge can be a useful tool for controlling the enemy team when they are pressing the attack in Overwatch.

Nano Boost

Ana’s Nano Boost has been significantly buffed with the addition of a heal upon hitting an ally. As one of the best ultimate abilities from the support role, Nano Boost decimates teams instantly so long as it hits the right target. To this date, a Nano Boosted Genji with Dragonblade remains to be one of the scariest sights in the game.

These ultimate abilities are currently the most powerful in the current build of OverwatchPlayers that are taking the game seriously should consider using the heroes tied to these ultimate abilities.


Images used courtesy of Blizzard

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