Best VPN networks for Xbox gaming console in 2020

The surge in Virtual Private Network (VPN) is doing leaps and bounds, and finding the best suitable VPN network which can fulfill your required needs is quite tricky.

But if you are on an excavation of finding the best VPN services, you are at the best place for all that. This article will discuss the best VPN services that can collaborate with your gaming console adequately.

There are many VPN networks out there on the internet platform, but many of them do not offer accurate speeds. Many don’t provide compatibility with the Xbox platform, while many cannot work while video streaming.


However, here are some of the best VPN providers compiled after so many reviews and testing made by the users.

  • Express VPN

IP address number : 30,000

Number of servers: 3,000+ in 94 countries

Cost: one-year plan subscription is available with a 3-month free facility

Number of parallel connection: 5

When you are playing games on Xbox, speed is the most crucial part of it. ExpressVPN does the same for you.

Though it is costlier than the other two VPN networks listed below in this article, you are getting immense speed and unlimited chances of switching over your VPN network across the world for every extra dollar per month.

This VPN network is the best in the industry, and a gamer should rely on it even if this VPN costs you more. As the speed, while gaming is required much more than any standard work on a computer.

ExpressVPN will help you sort out this issue because it gives splendid internet speed connectivity more reliable and worthy. It doesn’t impose data caps.

The only drawback with this network is that it provides a platform for only five simultaneous connections.

  • NordVPN

IP address number: 5,000

Number of servers : 5,200 + in 62 countries

Cost: $3.49 per month plan for a 3-year subscription

Number of parallel connection: 6

If you don’t want your connection to drop in a mid headshot of a game on Xbox, go for NordVPN.

Famous for its reliability, versatile, and resiliency, this VPN provider is altogether best for the gaming platform.

Though the internet connection speed is not that of ExpressVPN, it offers no security breach facility, making it more unique.

  • IPVanish

Ip address number : 40,000

Number of servers: 1,300+ in 75 countries

Cost: $3.99 per month plan and $48 per year plan

Number of parallel connection: 10

In the past many years, IPVanish has surged with speedy connectivity and a solid mid-tier VPN network providing enough connection to supporting Xbox gaming console.

It uses less than half the total number of servers of ExpressVPN but 10,000 more IP address to manage the first position in the race.

The only drawback of this network is its security, which requires a look upon.

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